Hipped roof with his hands.

roof, as well as any other architectural element, able to decorate the house and make it special.Most unique is proud to host the roof.Also popular and simpler by one-and gable roofs, there are hipped with sophisticated technology mounting and roof system.They are of three types - hipped, hipped and poluvalmovaya.With the right design and a clear choice of the necessary materials can be constructed hipped roof with their rukami.Glavnoy hallmark of such a roof is directed to the corners nakosnye (diagonal) rafters.They carry a heavy load and therefore longer than usual.A characteristic feature is the presence of short rafters (narozhnikov), do not rely on the ridge pole, and nakosnyy.Chetyrehskatnaya roof, constructed by their own hands, starting with the establishment of a strong ligament and mauerlat it from the walls of the house, subject to a number of features:

  • distance and mauerlatouter side wall should not be less than 5 meters;
  • timber used for fixing anchors through the holes in the tool bar
  • to mauerlat not went home and kept stiffness closer to their corners connected Sprengel, wooden or metal jumper, placing them at an angle.

racks are mounted in accordance with the marking and attach the struts.They are installed using a plumb ridge brus.Dlya to hipped roof of the house with his own hands set, served for a long time, perform the following steps:

  • maintained spatial location and height of the ridge pole;
  • rack resting on the inner bearing wall or laid on the supporting wall runs parallel bars, allowing you to balance the severity of the roof;
  • size of the eaves of the roof of the future are doing in the range from 0.5 m to 1 m;
  • side slopes form the establishment of intermediate rafters and narozhnikov, with the focus on parallelism and their location in the same plane;
  • least carried out installation of the roof battens 40x40 bars or 50x50 mm with boards having a section 25h100 or 25h150 mm.

Build a hipped roof with his hands quite capable with the following rules:

- cross section nakosnyh rafters because of the double burden should be twice the cross-section of other elements.They are also mounts that carry a lot of tension, reinforcing metal perforated plates or wire rod.

- Splicing nakosnyh rafters made the top of the rafter with the strengthening of the place stand or strut.This process is important to hipped roof, made with his own hands, it was strong enough.

- To do without notching, but not to weaken the rafter during mounting narozhnikov used support bars.

- long ridge flight needs additional support racks.

- Narozhniki mounted staggered on both sides of the rafters.This will help distribute the load evenly.

- rafters supported racks, rests on the bearing steny.Pri right approach and strict compliance with the foregoing, hipped roof, erected their own hands, will last for many years.