The concrete floor in the garage.

When we plan to make the floor in the garage, we wonder about which of the many well-known options for us to choose everything.To determine the version, it is necessary to weigh the "pros" and "cons" in relation to each specific type of coating.Often, many opt for what they do in the garage floor of concrete.More detail about this - in this article.

To perform the concrete floor in the garage, you must first carry out a thorough preparation of the base.This process should be given special attention.There are two types of construction - it is the old coating and primer.Each specified type has a unique approach.

  • to build a concrete floor in the garage on the old coating, it is necessary to properly prepare.All repaired crack, if any, with a mixture of sand and cement.Sites that can not be repaired, should be completely dismantled and then pour it all over again.Variations in height should be removed with a special milling machine, and only then begin filling the floor.
  • When the base is carried out
    on the ground, before you start casting, we must very carefully compacted soil, so you do not even have the slightest subsidence.After that you need to do a sandy base and also its well-compacted.The thickness of the cushion depends on many factors: the level of perched water, the degree of freezing and on what basis.

also should not forget about the protection of concrete floors from moisture, it needs to use all available waterproofing materials on bitumen-based membrane polymer or ordinary plastic wrap.

At arrangement of concrete floors over a large area formwork used, as it can be used as a guide, but then it must match the relief of joints.

Pouring concrete floor in the garage is impossible without stacking reinforcement.For this purpose, a special wire diameter of 5 mm and a mesh size equal to armature 150 * 150 mm.If the coating is exposed to very high mechanical stress, the thickness of the concrete floor in the garage should be larger.Then it is necessary to carry out the creation of reinforcement cage of reinforcement wire with a diameter of 0.8-1.6 cm, or from wire mesh.This is an important moment.The concrete floor in the garage are beginning to fill in only after all the preparatory work: soil compaction and laying of waterproofing, preparing formwork and reinforcement cage installation.Fill can be performed either manually or with the help of the mixer truck.If he is able to drive up to the place of casting works, the unloading of concrete is carried out directly from him already prepared base.If a drive fails, or pouring is carried out on a hill, in this case, be sure to use concrete.After the casting to be treated concrete floor in the garage with the help of such tools as the screed.To do this, set the guides at zero and level concrete mix along the guide rails.

After the concreting wait until completely dry, and the floor is ready.