Trowel plaster: its variety and scope

to make quality folding any material, you must be in possession of the special tools.One is a plastering trowel or, as people say, spatula.It is a steel blade that is ground on both sides, designed for easy application of any material on the surface, as well as for the good of his raspredeleniya.Lyudi who are fond of repair, and professionals in the field know that the most important thing - to choose the right equipment.To achieve excellent results in work can only be applied to the material as carefully as possible, and make it possible only with the help of quality tools.

plastering trowel can be of different sizes (from 5 to 10 cm).This tool is ideal for plasterer, who laid the cement-sand mortar.Spatula has a convenient handle, which is separated from the working surface, it allows the master does not get their hands dirty.


tool trowel divided into groups by appointment.At any hardware store today you can find more than seven types of spatulas that are designed for various types of


• Brick trowel solution can be mixed with cement and applied it to the surface with no bumps and smudges.

• Spatula plaster used in finishing work, which applies a solution of cement and sand.

• But tilers use the trowel in the form of drops.This arrangement allows to put a solution for tile quality and fast.This tool (trowel) for various mixtures.It looks like a simple blade with a special pen that allows you to not get dirty.

• Trowel for plaster finishers at different sizes, they can reach 18 cm. When laying bricks made using concrete, it is better to take for a triangular trowel.If you need to remove excess composition and make the surface smooth, it is best to use a version of the grouting.

operations carried out plastering trowel

to quickly and efficiently perform the work associated with plaster, you must first select the right tool.Spatula help knead the solution, and to get rid of lumps.Besides plastering trowel is often used to work with gypsum plitami.Dlya to design has been protected from the effects of the destruction and moisture, it is necessary to clean grooves in the joints, and thanks to a convenient form tool, it can be done momentalno.Zadelat joints most convenient tool with a small anglespout, thereby enabling operation even in a small space.These tools are made from steel (stainless steel), which is insensitive to the effects of any construction compositions.To the spatula has served more than a year, it needs proper care.

have all kinds of trowel working principle is the same, it is to capture some of the material, causing it to the surface, and then distribute the solution of the flat side of said tool.