Correct feeding trough for rabbits: saving feed and health Ushastik

Why do rabbits have not as easy as it seems?Many novice breeders clutching his head, when it starts a huge sea.The reasons may be many, but if we exclude the illness, poor sanitation, coupled with errors is a problem feeding and feeding troughs for rabbits can be the source of it.Pets on the net or Rack-floor leads to problems - the rabbits may start digestive disorders, appears inappropriate behavior.Many novice breeders noted that the animals are trying to relieve themselves in the manger, pollute and throw food, treading water bottle and can not find a place.

The problem actually lies in the fact that rabbits are Coprophagia for normal digestion they need to eat their own excrement part.If the content on the net and slatted floors when the excrement is left in the cell, the unfortunate animal looking for a way to make reserves, thus feeding trough for rabbits turns into a toilet.The owner complains and everything returns to normal, Ushastik suffer.The best way to save the rabbit livestock become

home comfort in each cell - a piece of a solid floor for the toilet, once eared without it can not, and hygienic feeding trough for rabbits.

best option in the application of feed hopper feeders are, with granular foods are ideal - significantly reduce the time costs of distributing food and trample or throw the animal feed can not just eat.Such feeders for rabbits should be attached to the cell wall or mounted on the door, then they are easier to maintain, if necessary, to clean and wash.Root, humid meshanok should be a separate container or trough, from which the food is removed soon after the deal.In humid environments microorganisms multiply rapidly, molds, and if the animals do not eat food immediately, then after a couple of hours, rabbits better do not admit to this food.Zealous owners with an impressive livestock rabbits even refuse damp meshanok and root crops is due to the need to control and high labor costs, are granulated fodder, hay and twigs from branches.

all feeders and waterers for rabbits should be as easy to clean and hygienic.If you are using design, providing a supply of water or feed, it will certainly be protected by these products are free from foreign matter.Water tank should be closed on top, hopper feeders are supplied with top cover.The materials of which made the rabbit utensils shall be unavailable to nibble animals, for this reason, no good tree poorly suited plastic, but it makes good use of different kinds of metal thin plate.It is important to ensure that the feeder for rabbits had no sharp edges or corners, timid animals, frightened by the unexpected sharp sound, may rush to the cage, and such potentially dangerous feeders can cause injury rabbits, damage skin and even death to your beneficiaries.

separate note drinkers, the best of which are special devices, ball, nipple, drip.First, dispense water from such a device is not possible, and if sufficiently large reservoir animals are always supplied with water.Spoil the system can not the animals, and contaminate drinking is simply impossible.If you need to mix in water or a prophylactic drug for watering, from the modern types of drinkers will have no problems.Feeders and drinkers belong to the category of utensils, which saves power breeder, his time, and significantly increases the animal hygiene, and because rabbits are very sensitive to violations of sanitary norms.