Lesson for the real master - lamp to make your own hands

Despite the huge selection of ready fixtures in shops, the interest in the production of exclusive models of household lighting products with their own hands is still high.Often this is due to the fact that manual work can sometimes create something that you can not buy in any store (for example, in what shop you can see David's head with a lampshade for a hat), or an interior room so original that requires unusual additions.Finally, it is often a pity to throw out the old lamp, who served for many years, which, however, requires restoration.

Floor lamps - floor lamps on high legs, which became very popular in the 60s of the last century and remained so for several decades, has recently undergone a reconstruction of some of the design have become more functional, technological and minimalist.In an elegant, refined, classic interior floor lamps called large decorative lamps, located on low planes next to a sofa or chair and filled the room with a soft subdued light.

Make a floor lamp with your hands

it is possible, it is important to determine its appearance and function in the interior.If it is intended to illuminate the work area, you can make it out of the old torshernoy rack or hollow bamboo sticks (commercially available materials) or, for example, of thin birch trunk, cleaned and varnished.On the prepared rack ready to fasten down light on clothespins with movable heads, which are easy to find in any store.If the rack is hollow inside, electrical cords from lamps inside pass directly through the hole at the bottom and output by combining a terminal and making a cord with plug.If a floor lamp, made with his own hands, has a solid foundation, the cords from lamps wrapped with colorful decorative rope, then gently entwine around the rack, fixed at the base and secure the plug.

possible to make lamps with your hands from the floor vases, flower pots large, as well as the base use a plaster moldings, which are sold in specialty stores.It is also possible to accommodate a leg lamp large plaster bust or a tailor's dummy.

How to make a lamp from a large vase?The most difficult stage of the work will be strengthened at the neck of the metal lid with a hollow pin, which passes through the wire and which carries the chuck and lampshades, as well as drilling a hole on the side of the vase is slightly higher bottom.You can, of course, is not to make a hole, if you fear for the safety of a brittle material, and let the power cord on top, but it is not very aesthetically pleasing.

metal lids are strengthening on the vase using a stop, the value of which is equal to the widest place of the vase.The lid can be used as the rubber stopper on the neck size.In this case the focus is not required, since the tires tightly engages in the hole.Before strengthen the cover is threaded through a hole in its center cord.Top screwed section of a metal tube, the height of which can be arbitrary than it is longer, the higher the lamp, made with his own hands.Through the tube is passed as string and outputs it to the top.The other end of the cord are missing inside the vase and is passed in the done side opening.The ends of the wire carefully we clean and joins the one hand the cartridge and the other fork.Held in place by joining a well-isolate.If the vase is light and unstable, before closing tightly the neck should pour into it a layer of sand or small pebbles.Now you can start manufacturing lampshade.

used for lampshades frame of thick wire, welded together in the form of an overturned bucket.In the center is required to pave the circle for fixing the lampshade to the cartridge.Ready adhesive qualities wire frame covered with thick cloth or mortgaged corrugated paper folds.Looks nice openwork knitted fabric.

How to decorate a floor lamp, made with his own hands, and how to decorate a lamp shade?

1. monochromatic white silk cloth can be painted with special colors and contours of the tissue.Either stick appliques cut from transparent nylon, lace, etc.

2. The lampshade can be made from the female pen boa, which is sold in the store tissues.Just wrap the frame and attach them to the longitudinal edges of the wire thread.

3. Effectively will look lampshade made of transparent nylon with glued on it with decorative butterflies, artificial flowers and grasses.

short, experiment, invent, try a variety of options.The main thing is that the base of the floor lamp with shade in harmony.