We learn how to get rid of horseradish in the garden!

Russian national cuisine is tasty and extremely diverse.The composition of many dishes include horseradish, which is one of the most popular Russian condiments.Unfortunately, once settled in the garden, this plant will automatically go into the category of the worst weeds.

So how to get rid of horseradish in the garden?The matter is not as simple as you might think about it.First we give advice to those who can not imagine life without this spicy seasoning.Plant horseradish only specially fenced using sheet metal or slate floor, where its roots can not get to the rest of the garden!

But how to get rid of horseradish in the garden, if he has already appeared?There is a simple and widely known for a long time a way to eliminate it: cut the leaves at the very point of growth, and then sprinkle with thick hemp mixture of ammonium and potassium nitrate.Here are just at hand, these fertilizers are not always.

There are more labor intensive, but effective way.Unearths place "dislocation" of horseradish,

looking for all the roots and as deep as they are removed.In their remaining pieces to be put on a plastic tube (2-3 cm long), which is poured into a common table salt.Since it is sufficiently deep in the ground, then later landed at this point it is no longer culture affected.

So how to get rid of horseradish in the garden in this way is difficult, and there is a way shorter.It is possible for a couple of years firmly zamulchirovat problem area using a dark cloth or plastic film.This arrangement works perfectly, that's just not every gardener will attract the prospect of a two-year losing plot of fertile land.

In principle, you can remove it from the site, if you regularly dig up the roots over the same two years.If you do not be lazy and do it consistently, then plant a few years significantly depleted, and then just die.

But how to get rid of horseradish in the garden if you are on your summer cottage is only "short visits", but do not want to see the "hacienda", densely overgrown with the weed?There are other ways in which the combination you done with Assertive plant once and for all.

In addition, alternatives will be useful in cases where the hell wound up under the fruit trees, under which it will not turn to pose as a mole.Then you have to be careful how to unearth the locus of the weed, roots and all found to deal with them on a "tube and salts," which was described above.Of course, such a struggle with horseradish in the garden is quite hard, but without it nothing happens.

However, multiple Digging perspective gives the best results.Gently shoveled the desired area using the fork, remove even the tiniest pieces of roots and dropped to a pumpkin, zucchini or squash.They have the ability to inhibit the growth of horseradish.

And what to do when he appeared next to the beds, which are growing in full bloom and fruit vegetables?In this case it is necessary to dig up the earth as some of the weed, and on the opposite side of the beds.With all the roots should be found to deal with the help of salt.

So you learned how to get rid of horseradish, which is grown in your area!