How to knit washcloths for the whole family: tips and tricks

you just started to learn this wonderful hobby - Crochet?As long as you learn the basics and gain the necessary skills to perform some large and complex product we offer practice in the implementation of simple, but practical value jobs.Learn how to knit washcloths and hand made gifts for all family members.

General Principles manufacture pads

This sauna thing necessary for everyone, because it is a means of hygiene.Therefore, the materials of which are made washcloths, special requirements.Yarn should not irritate the skin, causing an allergic reaction.And at the same time to choose the material that it is not too much to absorb water, then sponge and lather well will not be too heavy during washing.In addition, the drying time is also important - synthetic products dry quickly and do not breed bacteria.

Since knit washcloths pretty simple, they can be made for a sufficient number of different types of water treatment and skin types.Here it plays the role of the very texture of knitting.High and

dense lumps in knitting will facilitate thorough cleaning of the skin in adults.Delicate baby skin requires more soft structures in simple patterns.

This item should be individualized for each family member, so all sponges certainly obliged to differ from each other.Showing fantasy knitter get great pleasure, as knitting wool, as you'll see - a very exciting thing.

worth thinking about that all bath accessories fit into the interior of the bathroom and were made in the same style.

How to Knit a loofah for beginners?

The easiest way - is a rectangle consisting of columns with nakida.As shown in the photograph, the size of sponges can be arbitrary, depending on the age of the person.For beginners, knitters is a great workout.On this basis it is possible to learn and crochet chain, and the alternation of columns with air loops and creating edging the finished product.Here are some options for how to knit washcloths.

idea that this is not just a square pattern as necessary in an economy thing, give a sense of satisfaction and skilled workers will learn to get things done, which is very valuable in needlework.

Bathing a newborn - knit washcloth hook (master class)

order not to cause harm to the baby while bathing, should be very carefully approach the selection of all subjects for this procedure, especially to the washcloth.Tie it yourself:

  • Air loop (a chain of 5 p.) Is connected to the ring and begin to knit in a spiral columns without nakida adding a few loops in each row.Can alternate yarns of different colors.
  • When the main part reaches the desired diameter, stop knitting and fasten thread.
  • Optionally, you can in some places dovyazat parts - ears, paws, tails and other elements.
  • Make a loop to loofah comfortably dry in a hanging position.