Learn to Knit tack hook - the original interior decoration kitchen

impossible to do in the kitchen without tack.This necessary thing in the economy may also play a role of decorative elements and decorating the interior of the house.Learn how to knit crochet tack, with the most elementary knowledge of the needlework.All you need to do is to be careful and to be able to just knit chain of air loops and bars without nakida.You can create a whole series of similar tack, using different colors of yarn, the remains of which have accumulated in the house for many years.In addition, your children and other members of the household will benefit by helping you in this matter.For example, kids can do some of the work, tieing thread of a single color all potholders.Through this collaboration, they will learn to work in a team, to master the skills of artistic creativity, develop the taste and sense of harmony, gain knowledge in needlework.But, most importantly, without which they can not do in life - they will learn how to get things done.Take the time and spend leisure time wit

h benefit - make children potholders, crocheting.

schemes for creating unusual decorations for the kitchen

you need yarn in three colors (should be fine remnants of thread).Shades should be well combined with each other and in harmony with the interior of the kitchen.Better tack knit crochet 3 mm thick.Now, be careful and understand the principle of knitting from photographs.

  • Start knitting tack: crochet tie ring, made of the first thread color.As shown in the illustration, perform 18 bars without nakida.
  • To this should be added to the ring elements 9 to 23 aircraft in each loop.Tie the two rows of columns without nakida.Note that at the top of each "petal" need to change the direction of vyvyazyvaniya that later turned imitation folds (a kind of "Mobius loop").
  • Proceed second color yarn and knit as two rows of columns without nakida.
  • Go to the yarn of the third color.After two series of similar knit fasten thread.
  • Spread onto their work and cover with a damp cloth in order to fix the position of all the elements.Once the fabric is dry, continue to knit tack.
  • Hook provyazyvayte thread around the perimeter of the first color bars without nakida.Make two rows.Do not forget on top of one of the petals form the basis for loops (16 loops of air, which should also tie a simple column).
  • Decoration ready for the kitchen.

Mitts, crocheting for beginners needlewomen is the best exercise.Instead of just making patterns based on a variety of patterns, an expert at making useful things for his family.It brings much more joy from his work.