When to plant lilies autumn: gardener tips

Many gardeners who are just starting to equip your garden, ask a question: "Can I put lilies in the fall?"The correct timing of planting greatly affects the development and growth of these plants.Any expert will tell you that most of the species of these flowers should be planted in the autumn it: since the middle of September and ending numbers of 20 of October.In addition, the lily bulb is required to protect from winter frost and sudden changes in temperature using mulch or film.

How to plant lilies autumn

well known that lilies require a special composition of the soil, which should be prepared in advance.Fertile layer it must be surrounded on top and bottom with a thin layer of sand to ensure proper drainage.This approach will provide the roots of young plants a good oxygen supply and prevent stagnation of water and rotting plants.Fossa for planting lilies should be three times the diameter of its bulb.Thus it should rest on the bottom layer of fertile soil and sand can not - for better penet

ration of the root system and receive nutrients from the ground.Before planting should be well moistened.

Anyone who knows when to plant lilies - fall or spring - and should know that the soil after planting the plants be sure to mulch.Most often this is done using straw, Stipa, pine needles or wood chips.This approach will provide the young plants do not only protect from the winter cold, but the feeder layer to top thaws.Mulching at the moment - it is one of the most reliable, proven methods of protection and feeding of lilies.

correct answer to the question "when to plant lilies in the fall?"It will be "15-20 th of September."At this time the soil is just beginning to prepare for the winter and will not be able to provide all necessary materials lily for rapid development, but give everything you need for a good rooting plants.

When planting these flowers is very important to be able to distinguish patients from healthy plants.Air Conditioning bulb must have a root system intact and flexible scales.If it is covered with brown spots, then most likely, it has already begun the process of decay, and it is best to burn.

Those interested in, when to plant lilies fall and how to do it, you should know that this plant is very demanding to the level of the shadows on the landing.Intense sunlight and complete shadow detrimental effect on its growth and development.Lilies are very fond of moderate soil moisture and penumbra, which is why experienced gardeners are usually planted them next to the bushes.

Any gardener, ask questions about when to plant lilies in autumn, it should be remembered that the timing is very important.If too early to attempt a landing, the plant has time to enter into a phase of rapid growth and give runners who simply die in the winter.If you do it too late, the bulb will not have time to take root, and the spring can not wait violent flowering lilies.

By following these simple rules, anyone, even very inexperienced gardener can decorate your garden amazing and delicate flowers.