Suburban land: whether to cut the roses in the winter?

rose queen of flowers - plant complex enough to care.With its growing need to comply with certain rules.In particular, many gardeners are interested in the question of whether to cut roses for the winter.The unequivocal answer to this question does not exist.In this regard, it depends solely on the varieties of roses.Do not cut off for the winter, for example, climbing roses, as well as the park and those varieties that bloom only once a year.For all types of spring scapular considered to be much more preferable.However, in order to hide the plants carcass film designs, shorten branches autumn still necessary.

So, whether you want to trim the roses in the winter?It is necessary, but to do it is very neat.There are three types of autumn crop - long (weak), moderate (average) and short (strong).The first method is perfect, for example, for the red roses of Bengal.Thus only the upper parts are cut shoots.Each of them should be left about nine kidneys.Moderate method may be applied to a hybrid tea varieti

es.In this case, the threads are cut approximately in half.On the shoots should be left about five kidney.

A short method of pruning is left at the base of all one or two buds.This method is most suitable for very strongly growing, branching varieties.For example, roses poliantov.Varieties that grow in the form of a single shoot, do not cut, but only a little pinch out the tip.In this case, the spring they will give a great escape.The question of whether to trim the roses in the winter, of course, important.But it is equally important to hold a preparation plant for the winter.

Many gardeners harbor rose special construction is a wire frame covered with burlap or film.Once installed on the bushes, they are usually poured sawdust.However, preferably used as a shelter spruce spruce branches.If possible, you should use in this way.The fact that the covered thereby and dusted with snow roses will winter are likely to be much better.The air will pass to the Scourge, so they do not vypreyut.

So, how to cut roses for the winter, we found out.But no less important is the question of when to do it.Autumn pruning is carried out only after the street established subzero temperature (-1 ...- 2 oz.).In central Russia this activity is carried out in such a way, around the middle of November.Before the frosts come, cutting spending is impossible, because in this case on roses buds begin to grow.This fall, of course, is highly undesirable.

So, you now know the answer to a question about when the cut roses in the fall - in October.Always in this period it is also necessary to remove the green shoots.The fact that not lignified shoots freeze on the first frosty day.During thaws, it will start to rot, and it will certainly appear different kinds of harmful fungi that can infect and main shoots.

Do I need to trim the roses in the winter - a question that causes much controversy among amateur gardeners.Each summer visitor to decide it for himself.Still spring against cropping pitch, as mentioned, is considered to be much more useful.However, in order to make it more convenient to lay flowers for the winter, shortening the shoots in the autumn it's worth.