Sander on wood: how to choose the device?

Grinding - quite a time-consuming and monotonous process.Often, you want to process a large surface and handle the job manual power tool is very difficult.That is why was created on wood sander.This tool is able to give a smooth surface, remove burrs, make it smooth, remove the paint and so on. N. In general, multi-purpose thing in life is without doubt useful.

What everyone should know

Today sandpaper on a wooden bar, no one is working.It really is an outdated method, which, though effective, but does not give proper results.It should be understood that every year finishes are becoming more thin-layer, and any unevenness on the surface of the wood will be clearly visible.Of course, wood grinder for home use does not need the most expensive, but we'll talk about a little later.Another thing, if you work in manufacturing, where every day have to handle in wood.Here the choice is clear - the tool must be a professional.But in general, we can talk about a relatively low cost, although much depends on t

he manufacturer.

Let's try to sort out with you what sander choose and what to look for when buying.There is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance.

Professional grinders

units of this type are produced by many well-known companies that are engaged in the production and sale of building and household tools.Key features of the equipment tend to lie in the operating modes.Typically, professional grinders are designed for long trouble-free operation.Dimensions technology is much more than the non-professional models, due to the increased power of the engine.

As for the build quality, it is also at a high level.However, any consumer model should also be reliable.A large number of modes of operation, the ability to customize the working body (rotation speed), and more - it's all there in the professional models.As for prices, the grinder of this type of wood is very expensive.

Domestic Grinders

This tool is not designed for continuous operation.The motor car will not sustain a long and trouble-free operation.The average life of the month must be no more than 20-30 hours.The power unit is small, therefore, to work so very convenient tool, which is due to the small size.

sander is recommended to give a rest every 15 minutes of work.So it is possible to significantly reduce adverse temperature effects on the motor and to avoid overload.As for the advantages of these solutions, it is compact, light weight and ease of operation.Of course, here you are unlikely to find a large number of additional functions, but to perform simple work and they do not need.Well, and now more details on how to select wood grinder, and what are the varieties of this instrument.

kinds of household grinders

Currently, manufacturers are trying to come up with new types of such a tool.Design features usually are in a different operating element tools, design elements, and so on. N.

most popular today are the belt grinding machine (LSM).They are used for rough machining of wood, plastic and metal surfaces.If you want a softer, usually a secondary treatment, it is recommended to use vibroshlifovku (School of Management).The rectangular shape of the grinding surface can greatly simplify the processing of the angular parts of the workpiece, and reduce labor intensity.

Another variety - deltashlifmashinka.Its key feature is the triangular shape of the sole.This allows remote sites to grind the workpiece (the recess grooves, and so on. N.).

And the last type - eccentric machine.It is used for final polishing.Usually after such machining, the workpiece is polished appearance.This is achieved by rotationally oscillating movements during operation.This tool is not suitable for a small surface with a complicated configuration.

Belt sander and everything about it

tool belt appeared very first.It is designed for rough, initial processing.Usually it is used when you want to remove a thick layer of material, say, planed boards.But beyond that, LSM also suitable for precision machining parts and the cut-off.

working body consists of a circular abrasive belt, which is stretched on rotating rollers.Depending on the grain size tape withdrawn specific layer material.In general, the principle is similar to the operation of the planer, only effort you need to exert much less, and the work is done faster.

If you need it band sander, then pay attention to the speed of rotation of the belt, its width and length.Width directly affects the processing area.Often the belt width domestic models less than 100 mm, and is restricted to 50-80 mm.For domestic use will be enough power 1, 2 kW.In this case, you can count on the speed of the belt equal to 150-500 m / min.

an abrasive tape and useful features

Oddly enough, you must also know how to choose the right and the abrasive belt.On sale are two of its kind.One ribbon has abrasive layer of alumina, and the second - zirconium.The first type allows more gently treat the surface, leaving a minimum number of scratches.Ribbon with an abrasive of alumina is best suited for the treatment of wooden workpieces.Zirconium is also a tape in its own good.They can be relatively quickly, but rude to remove a thick layer of material.However, you have to accept the fact that the surface will be scratched.This tape is good for metal parts, as well as for sharpening tools.

As for extra features, it is desirable to be able to continuously adjust the speed of the tape.This will maximize adapt to work with materials of different hardness.

But the presence of additional features affect the cost of the equipment.For example, a sander "Interskol SMP-115" without the additional features will cost 2500 rubles when the engine power of 0.3 kW.A similar power tool, but with the continuously variable and some other features that will cost 3000 - 3500 rubles.

eccentric sander: tips on choosing

Orbital Grinders have a similar principle of the triangular Graduate School of Management.But the trajectory of movement in this case is somewhat different, and allows a finer grind.Performance cars a bit more eccentric than the Graduate School of Management.

If you decide to buy such a tool, you must understand that you need to run a disk with a diameter of 150 mm.0,2-0,65 kW power for domestic use will be more than enough.It is worth noting that the eccentric sander has a speed of up to 24,000 oscillations per minute.That is why the continuous adjustment in this case will be extremely useful feature.If you plan to work indoors, choose a machine with holes in the soles to clear dust.This feature will be very useful.

On the choice of GSOM

vibroshlifmashinok principle of operation is the implementation of oscillatory motion with an amplitude of typically no more than 5 mm.On the sole there are special clips or Velcro that allows you to assign a sheet of sandpaper.From the last grain and the quality of treatment depends on a wooden surface.The larger the grain, the faster the desired result can be obtained.But in this case, the work will be done crudely, because require secondary processing small grains.

vibratory grinder "Makita", for example, is a very high quality and popular among both professionals and amateurs.This technique has reliable fastening of the abrasive to the foot, which is very important.If you're going to do fine grinding, the vibration amplitude should be in the range of 1.5-3 mm, for rough machining of 4-5 mm.Be sure to consider this when buying.Virtually any sander "Makita" controls the amplitude of oscillation in a wide range of from 1.5 to 5 mm.

For more information about choosing

Buying such a tool should always be carried out carefully and slowly.For example, buying a Chinese technique, one can hardly expect a long life.But even such a tool may be qualitative.However, it is best to give preference to European producers.That is why, before choosing polishers buy it, see what a company is a manufacturer.

For example, the German production "Bosch" virtually unmatched.Here goes high build quality, the accuracy at the time of grinding work, competent ergonomics and more.In general, Bosch sander, though very expensive, but very high quality.As practice shows, it is a technique from this manufacturer problems less likely, and if they arise, are resolved quickly.

Briefly pricing

So we moved on to the fun part - rates.As noted at the beginning of this article, the amount depends on the manufacturer and the functional unit.Household models usually have a value of from 2,000 to 5,000 rubles.The first is simpler and less functional, the second allow you to perform complex tasks with high precision.Much depends on who made sander.The price of the equipment the company "Bosch" is higher by 15-20% than the same "Interskol."But you have to pay for quality, it is necessary to understand.


We figured out how to choose wood sander.The first step determines its type.Then you need to give preference to a particular vendor.By the way, it will be useful to read the reviews on the discussion forums, so you can get a lot of free useful information.For example, repair sander from some manufacturers may be difficult due to lack of spare parts, which is not very good.Once you have decided on the manufacturer and type of the machine, as well as its technical characteristics to find the best option for the price.