How to make a cake made of paper with wishes?

Gifts made with his own hands, will help to show you the creative and surprise the recipient how well you know him and understand their interests and desires.If you are not limited to a pair of parting words, try to make a cake made of paper with wishes.Traditionally, this hack is not less than six fragments, which means that it is so much the individual cards, you can fill out.

What are the cakes desires?

There are two ways to make a cake with the wishes of the paper, in the first case, you collect all the dessert of the individual triangles in the second to make your tiered confection.Draw a diagram of crafts and determine how much you wish to write.And remember that the gift - not just a nice souvenir.If desired, a cake made of paper with wishes can be used as packaging for quite serious show.Even in a small dessert vlezut the keys to a new apartment or villa, mobile phone or jewelery.But ordinary wishes with symbolic souvenirs gift sure to please the recipient, no less.

How to make a cake ou
t of paper on their own?

If we make "the cut" on pieces of a round cake, then we will need to collect six identical triangles.Draw on the paper template to surround piece.It consists of two identical triangles and the sides.Try to collect the paper blank, make sure that everything is done correctly, and only then cut out six pieces of cardboard.To create a multi-tiered cake, use ready-made boxes of the same shape and sizes.You can make them yourself.Each element should be opened, all other parties decorate to your liking.You can paste over the cake with a cloth or paper, foil and other decorative materials.Use to decorate the artificial flowers, beads, bows and any other decorative objects.With a little imagination - and your creation will be indistinguishable from the present confection.Did you know that pieces of foam like a meringue and coconut and powdered sugar can be used for non-edible cake decorations?

most important thing - inside!

Once registration with the outer pieces of cake will be finished, it's time to fill it with segments or tiers.Zagotovte greeting cards or cards of the same type.Send your wishes to them and come up with for each of them a symbolic designation.For example, if you want to love - put a souvenir in the form of heart, a symbol of travel can become a shell, or the flag of the country that wants to go to your friend.Do not forget about good health, which may symbolize the vitamins or packing of activated carbon, and wish "the sweet life" or "good mood" with the addition of a note to the couple of chocolate bars.Cake made of paper with wishes can be done individually, using the symbolism associated with the activities of professional or amateur destination.Representatives of creative professions desire inspiration to athletes new victories.Do not forget the cake of paper with wishes of present money or a gift certificate for the purchase of any goods or services - this will make your Present even more valuable.