Make a flower of the balls with his hands

There are two most common ways of how to make a flower of the balls with your hands.The first of these is the gradual bonding using adhesive tape individual components crafts.And the second - is the production of jewelry made of two long "sausages".The first performance is best suited for the decoration of holidays and celebrations.The second option - the perfect toy for your kids.This article will be described step by step each.


This is the most simple way of how to make a flower of the balls with your hands.In its implementation, we need the adhesive tape and scissors, and also the foundation on which will be made this hack.This can be a wall or a window or a table.All in all, where is the plane suitable for the placement of this ornament.At the first stage, all the balls are filled with air by pump or manually.Started with petals.They should be placed around the circumference.At the same place for the ties to be deployed strictly to the center.The algorithm with the following attachment

.Once attached the first petal near strings using tape.Next to it - a second similar manner.And so on all the way around until we return to the starting point.Then you need to properly execute the middle.It is most often made yellow.It is made the same way.The only difference is that in the former case the balls are mounted with the abutting surface and the second row is already tightly to them.That is, it is located above them.In the center is set one ball, which is to close the adhesive tape hand-made article and give a natural look.If necessary, the flowers of the round balls can be made larger.It suffices petals made of one row, but two or even three.

2 sausages

In this case, the flower of the balls with your hands is made of two oblong pieces.One must always be green (after all the stalk!).On one of its sides is measured approximately 1/3.At this point, it is twisted into a figure eight, which passes through the center of the stem.All fixed with adhesive tape.At the foundation of our crafts is ready.Then take the second sausage.Bend it strictly in the middle.Then divided into three equal parts, twist and gather them together.You should now have 6 sausages, collected together.Two places of collecting attach to each other.All attached together by means of adhesive tape, and then in a similar manner to the stem, which was made in advance.Now our flower of the balls, made with his own hands, ready, it can already be used at its discretion, either to give the child that he used it as a toy;or give his wife and make it thus a pleasant surprise.


Any scheme of the flower of the balls, in this article, is characterized by simplicity and affordability.Everyone can easily make such a hack.Nothing complicated about it.In the process, most likely you'll need a pair of scissors and tape.Time for the manufacture of handicrafts will go not so much.It is only important to prepare in advance the required number of balls and tape, so as not to be distracted by the purchase of the missing components.