How to make a tree out of paper and more!

There are so many ways of how to make a tree out of paper.This can be attributed to the simplest applications that afford even a child in kindergarten.It is also possible to make three-dimensional model of the tissue, for example.Another version of this kind of fakes - a different kind of souvenirs - decorative and volume.In general, this is quite a large field for creativity, in which the main thing - not to restrict the flight of his imagination.This article will describe a completely different versions of how to make a tree out of paper.The simplest of them - this is the first - from napkins and fine wires.The other two - a little more complicated, but they afford to handle even the novice master.

most simply

The most simple way to create these crafts - is of napkins, colored paper or thin wire.In addition to these materials, we are in the process need cutter, pliers, scissors, glue, ruler, cotton, curve, flower pot filled with soil or sand, and a pencil.Immediately make a frame made of wire

at its discretion.Further, the lower part of the trunk is set in a pot and securely.In order to hide soil or sand, the upper part of the pot is covered with cotton.Then each of its branches and the trunk is wrapped wipes.It would be better if they are brown.In extreme cases, they can be painted using watercolors.However, they are fastened with glue and small pieces of wire.Then, out of colored paper cut apples or pears.At the final stage of how to make paper from wood, in this case, cut the fruit on its branches are attached with glue.After the glue has dried, ready to hack.

Volume tree

Volume tree made from paper completely different algorithm.Set of materials and tools in this case is much easier - it consists of glue, scissors, a set of colored paper, pencil, ruler and templates.The first step is done several blanks.The right-hand portion of the first of these to be exactly the same as the second left.A similar situation with the right and left of the second fragment of the third.And so on, until you passed the whole range.In the last part of the right fragment tree should be the same as that of the first left.All Templates severely bent in the middle.They are the same hand stick.Once the glue is dry, the tree is decorated.The easiest way to make such a tree.

Ornamental tree

Another interesting artifact - a decorative tree made of paper and wire.Set of tools and materials of exactly the same as in the first case, it is only necessary to supplement the tape or tape.A pot with soil or sand is covered with cotton.Then, it is fixed to the trunk wire.To him attach the exact same branch.For greater reliability they can fix using tape or Scotch tape.Cut the petals from construction paper and attach the same way on the branches.When a tree has the required number of leaves, ready to hack.


This article described three ways of how to make a tree out of paper.The first one is the most simple, the other two - a little more complicated.But all the same, they all afford any adult, regardless of their level of preparation.Each of them, regardless of the complexity, quite spectacular, and this hack could be a good gift.