Mop microfibre cleaning premises

washing floors - the task is hardly the most favorite.But progress does not stand still and new inventions come to the aid in cleaning.Mop floor with microfiber designed to facilitate the process of cleaning floors and at the same time to save the family budget.How she did it, and why the old cloth is high time to throw out - read on.

What microfiber

This synthetic fabric consisting of polymer fibers (polyamide and polyester), which are the proper treatment to have the desired properties.After microfiber produce a variety of subjects.

We all know that synthetics do not absorb water.But if in the course of manufacturing the web the fibers are split on the finest filament (16 times thinner than a human hair), the fabric will have excellent absorbent properties.This happens due to the fact that she gained a porous structure: the amount of surface in the same area increased significantly.For the same reason microfiber dries quickly: after all, the moisture is absorbed into its fibers and is trapped b

etween them.It is used for sportswear, which perfectly absorbs sweat and stays dry, bed linen, cleaning products and so on. D. If the fibers are not subjected to splitting, such a fabric will repel moisture from her sewing waterproof stuff.

Cloths for cleaning microfiber often consist of 80% polyester and 20% - polyamide.Due to the subtleties of the fibers per square centimeter of this unique Micro-web there are thousands.They have a positive charge and attract negatively charged dust like a magnet.Therefore cloth microfiber often do not require the use of detergents.They are very durable - easy to stand up to 100 washes in the machine.

components mop

Forget about primitive wooden T-shaped stick with a rag wrapped around it.Useful inventions - the modern mop microfibre (photo all the structural assembly provided below).

It consists of:

  1. Handles usually telescopic, with variable length.It is made of plastic or a strong and long-lasting (and more expensive) aluminum.
  2. frames rags.The same can be plastic or metal.Cloth can be mounted on two broad stripes of Velcro or clamps.The frame is attached to the handle is movable, it can be rotated around its axis and change the angle that makes it easy to carry out cleaning even hard to reach places.
  3. Bits microfiber.

last are of various kinds.For example, in the form:

  • in the form of a long narrow rectangle;
  • in the form of a small triangle;
  • a brush with sliced ​​strips of microfiber.

By destination rags are only for dry or wet cleaning and suitable for both types of cleaning.

Depending on what surface it is better to use, the nozzle are smooth, fluffy, covered with small or large loop naps, different thickness and color.


If this is your first mop with microfiber, it is easier and cheaper to just buy a complete set.It will include a handle frame and cloth, which are perfect for each other.But before you make a purchase, ask whether sold all these parts separately - in case if some of them fail, and it will have to be replaced.

Microfiber Mop with wringer further facilitate cleaning.Features of its construction depends on the type of nozzle.For models with a rectangular cloth for this purpose the frame consists of two parts which are compressed by a lever on the handle.In embodiments with a nozzle in the form of a large brush system is more cunning.You will need a special bucket with a capacity for pressing in, which is necessary to lower the squeegee and pressed her hand.It will rotate and you will be able to remove the excess moisture, even soaking his hands.If the bucket is equipped with a pedal, you can click on it and not on the mop handle.

How to mop with a microfiber cleaning easier?

Here are the benefits you get from using it:

  • can do both wet and dry cleaning (which is especially important for expensive flooring hardwood).
  • water does not run off with a rag as a microfiber perfectly absorbs and holds moisture.
  • use chemicals for cleaning can be reduced significantly (and it is not only taking care of the family budget, but also reduce pollution of the environment).
  • Mop microfibre does not reserve pile and divorces.
  • It is light and maneuverable thanks to rotating nozzle.

Health Benefits

It would seem, well, as a mop with a microfiber can improve your health?It turns out that it really is true, the claim is not certified by the manufacturer.

In the past 15 years, US health agencies are launching a program to change the cleaning methods - namely, the replacement of conventional mops with a nozzle in the form of loops made of thick cotton threads on a mop with nozzles made of microfiber.Here are the arguments they lead in their favor:

  • Since microfibre mop requires much less water, it is easy and cleaning does not take a lot of effort (in comparison with the movement of the floor of a heavy wet cloth and its constant re-soaking).Reduced general fatigue, back pain and neck injuries and diseases caused by monotonous movements.
  • microfiber cloths do not need to twist and wring by force, so do not suffer the hands, wrists, fingers.
  • After such cleaning the floor only slightly moist and dries quickly, is less likely to slip and fall.
  • Reducing the use of detergents is also good for your health, because many of them irritate the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract, skin.Also, do not need to carry a heavy bucket of water and detergent, quite small spray bottle.Mop microfiber makes cleaning faster, easier and more effective than that observed as technical staff and doctors, patients.

How to use a mop with a microfiber

It would seem so tough.But there are some subtleties that you should be know in advance.Thus, the sequence of operation is as follows:

  1. Attach a microfiber cloth to mop out.Typically, it is inserted in special grooves in the frame or fastened by means of "Velcro".
  2. Dip the cloth in water or apply a very small amount of cleaning solution, if you want to do wet cleaning.Do not use harsh detergents, they can damage the fibers of microfiber.To collect dust, pet hair, crumbs will be sufficient to carry out a dry cloth on the floor.Soak the nozzle is necessary if you want to remove the muddy footprints, spills, stains.
  3. If you are too far from the water, gently squeeze the cloth, it should be barely damp.
  4. Now you can proceed directly to the cleaning - move the mop on the floor to collect the dirt.Add water or the cleaning solution as needed.Continue until the floor surface is completely cleaned.Depending on the area to be treated, with a rag mop microfiber may be contaminated, it will be cleaned.

For the thrifty housewives

To Head cleaning lasts a long time you do not forget at the end of the work put it in order.Wash microfiber under warm running water to remove dirt, or wash in the washing machine in warm (not hot!) Water.Never use bleach or fabric conditioner.First destroy the thin fibers, the second leaves on fabric tape, which will worsen its characteristics.

not wash nozzle with terry cloths and other items that are left in the water or fiber pellets.Otherwise cloth microfiber attract them to yourself, and then will leave marks on the surface you are cleaning.Let it dry well, but keep it away from excessive heat, because it is synthetic and at high temperature it can melt.

Opinion buyers

Do microfibre mop housewife?Reviews are mostly positive.Since microfiber - the material is not expensive, but neat and very effective in cleaning, one time to use it, no one will return to the usual ragged rags, that and strive to slip at the wrong time.Complaints from buyers cause except that the plastic part of the product.Mistress complain that there are not enough strong mops and telescopic models break down in the joints of pipes.Plastic at fixing rags, too, is short-lived, because of what had to change the rest of the usable nozzle.

And when choosing a mop with a microfiber nozzles check to the touch, if she had protruding plastic parts that are not covered with a cloth and can scratch the floor.

worth saving?

If you choose to buy products made of microfiber, you'll notice a large range of prices.What caused this?

As always, in response to rising demand, China and Korea have begun to produce their own household use microfiber with low prices.However, 70-75% of these are used unsplit fibers.How so, you will be surprised, because this fabric will not absorb moisture and so is not suitable for cleaning.This is due to the fact that equipment for fiber splitting costs between $ 1 million, while the machines for the production of a microfiber are from 100 thousand. Dollars.Therefore, only the major manufacturers can produce really high-quality product.So do not chase the cheapest offer.

Further, the fiber thickness is important.The cheap Chinese products is much more than you need, so the canvas worse attracts dirt and moisture.

on the cost of the mop will affect the material from which it is made, and its quality.