Vernalization potatoes before planting in the ground

place that takes the potatoes in our diet is one of the main.No wonder it is called the second bread.For many, this vegetable is a necessary component of everyday and holiday dishes.Some gardeners are practicing self-cultivation of potatoes.And reaches the considerable success.Here the main thing - to take into account some of the subtleties and observe agronomic conditions.It is important to all - from the selection of seeds to the correct landing.Vernalization potatoes before planting also plays a prominent role.On this and discuss in this article.

Nutritional indicators

no secret that potatoes - is an important food crop, which is not only a valuable food on our tables.It is used as cattle feed and raw materials for industrial purposes.Nutritional this vegetable is very high.Potato contains up to 25 percent starch, 0.3 percent and 2 percent fat proteins.These numbers depend on the type of culture.Also, there are a lot of groups of vitamins C and B. The nutritive value of three kilograms of potato

es can be compared to a kilogram of cereals.If you comply with all terms of agricultural technology, the 100 square meters, you can get up to 350 kilograms of potatoes.But it is very important vernalization potatoes before planting.

Advantages of vernalization

germinated and prepare planting material is necessary.Growing potatoes - it's hard work.Therefore, I do not want to spend time and effort wasted, and lose a significant part of the crop.Vernalization potatoes before planting - the minimum program, which already provides significant results.This once cheap and affordable way to prepare seed.Sprouting allows you to select healthy, strong tubers before planting and get a good crop.Germination in this case is 100 percent.Vernalization to speed up the formation of the crop.

Harvesting planting material

seed potatoes to prepare better in the fall.To do this, select the best tubers, which are not affected by the disease, do not cut or crushed.Infected plant material will annually provide patients tubers, which is not very good.Grade seed potatoes must be resistant to temperature, to pests, disease and decay.You should also take into account the level of development of leaves, during flowering and ripening, maturity of tubers and the duration of their period of rest.Planting material must be adapted to the agro-technical conditions.During the storage of seed potatoes should eliminate its contact with rodents.

Dry vernalization in light

This method is the easiest, although there are various options for its organization.Vernalization potatoes before planting requires light and packaging to accommodate tubers.The temperature does not have great importance.The main thing that planting material is not frozen or burnt.For vernalization need to select the correct container.Better to take the one in which it will be convenient to bring tubers to the site.Perfectly suited for germination boxes, plastic or wood.Potatoes laid in two rows, but no more.Now, before the landing to get him out is not necessary.If the volume of potatoes will be very large, the lower the tubers will have long thin shoots, which is not very good.In addition, the process is complicated sorting poor planting material.Vernalization potatoes before planting in the ground requires a sufficient amount of light.There is no need to direct sunlight.Enough to have a single window in the room.In the process of germination, which takes about 1-1.5 months, you must not reject or weak sprouted tubers.This is the minimum condition that will yield a good crop of potatoes.

wet germination

This is another way of vernalization.You can combine dry and wet germination, which will give an even better result.This allows you to select the most vernalization tubers are suitable.First, carry out dry germination in the light, and then wet.Germination increased to 100 percent.Potatoes, which gave shoots in the light, can not form roots in the future.Culling of infected tubers become more efficient.If you purchased an elite seed material things this way for a long time will keep it from degeneration.Wet allows germination to harvest a week earlier.

How to spend a wet vernalization

Wet vernalization potatoes before planting is held a week before the process.For this purpose sprouts potatoes poured wet sawdust or peat.The bottom of the boxes should be paved with film.It is necessary to prevent moisture from leaking, and remained wet sawdust.Then, pour a bucket of water (you can use nutrient solutions).Tubers germinated dipped in water together with sawdust and then laid in a drawer of no more than two layers.At the end of the bucket is filled with sawdust and spread the wet material for potatoes.The latter should be completely closed.Sawdust can gently squeeze excess moisture or to drain.This vernalization potatoes before planting - maximum program, which will provide excellent harvest.Boxes need to cover with foil and make piles, so they take up less space.It is necessary to constantly monitor to dust in the drawers did not dry up, especially the top.The roots have tubers appear very quickly.It is important not to miss this moment.Too long the roots are entangled.When planting potatoes will be difficult to separate from each other, which will lead to breaking of germs.Each tuber should form a good root shock.Vernalization potatoes before planting provides a friendly shoots.

few important rules

Preparation of seed material includes several stages.First of all potatoes must be decontaminated.To do this, use a solution of copper sulphate and boric acid.Perform this procedure for 40 days before planting, that is, before germination.It is also possible to carry out the processing of growth stimulants.This medication "Mick", "Maxim", "Vermistim" or "Prestige".The most important stage - the vernalization potatoes before planting.Tillage is also an important procedure.Sometimes using banding and kerbovku eyes.In this case, they make an incision from the top, bottom and sides.To conduct this procedure should be very careful.Finally, dusting, that is spraying potatoes wood ash to increase yields and starchy.The combination of these measures leads to a 100-percent rise and high yields.