Selection of welding inverter: Highlights

Selection of welding inverter - this is quite a difficult and important job.If you have already decided to purchase for home use this unit, you should know what the main points may affect its operation.

Selecting welding inverter

This unit is defined for arc welding, it converts the input AC to DC, and through the transistor switches a constant variable is converted into a higher frequency.After that it is carried out on the supply of high-frequency welding transformer, which produces the subsequent extension.Due to the high frequency, it was possible to reduce the size and weight of the power transformer as compared with traditional welding equipment.However, the weight and dimensions of the unit - it's not the most important factors that could have an impact on the acquisition.

If you stood in front of a difficult choice of welding inverter, then to start is to determine the frequency with which the device will be used.If he will need one or two times a month, or even less, it makes sense to pa

y attention to domestic inverter, and if it is a much more frequent use, you can buy a professional unit.

purchasing welding machine for home, determine how popular the proposed option.This is a very important indicator.Thus, the demand appliances brand "MULTIPLAZ", "AIS 200", DaVinci.

and the subsequent selection of the welding inverter is completely dependent on personal preferences.It can be said that the final decision depends on:

- specialized use;

- desired runtime;

- scheme and the number of devices that are connected to it.

How to choose a welding machine for non-professional use?

inverter must have good ventilation, as it must be protected from dust, which so often inside.However, there is no sense to overpay for some special system enough on their own, after some time, to carry out cleaning of the fan, which is very simple to make - should be to remove the case, and then clean the dust by the brush is not very solid.

The choice must affect a significant moment, as the presence of built-in protection against voltage surges.It should be remembered, and operating temperature range of the inverter.It may be noted that some vendors focus on the manufacturer.Typically, the cost of a large machine manufacturer higher than the not so well-known, and the technical characteristics of the aggregates can be identical.

should not be afraid of the word "home."Welding of the result is the same when working with or professional welder, except for certain differences.It all depends on the goals that are put in front of the unit.Typically for household work is not necessary to use a professional device.

So, using the above recommendations, you will not have to experience the difficulties of such a task as the choice of the welding inverter.