Centrifugal pump: species, design features and use

centrifugal pump - a device that is used in sewerage systems and water supply.Mainly used such devices in utilities.Due to the peculiarities of their design, they can handle a large amount of liquid of different viscosity.

presented the device can be of several types, and the design of the device each species is slightly different.However, only one of all is the principle of operation of the pump.Discharge and suction of fluid occurs by means of the centrifugal force that occurs due to rotation of the wheel with the blades located in the housing of the device.It turns out the water out of the machine is much faster than the part.

centrifugal pump can be either a single-stage, and the console.As regards its location in the space, it can be mounted vertically or horizontally.You can use the device at a low, medium or high pressure.Fluid from the pump output to one or both sides.As a method for removing water from the unit, it may be spiral or paddle.Depending on where the device is used, it may be no

rmal, high-speed and low-speed.

centrifugal pump can be used in sewerage, fire systems, as well as pump lye, oil or chemicals.You can install the unit on the surface or submerged to a certain depth.

necessary in the unit represented by a flow section, which consists of the removal, reason and the impeller.The final element is attached to the end of usual rotating shaft.The wheel transfers the energy from the fluid motor.At the same time it is of the master and slave drive.In between are the blades, which have a certain one-sided bending.

centrifugal pump provides water movement from the impeller to the discharge nozzle.If the machine has a multistage structure, the fluid is transferred from one pair to the next disc.Jobs single-stage device and the device is very simple.

Choosing centrifugal pumps for water, it is necessary to pay attention to the speed of rotation of the wheel, as well as the gap between the wheels and the body of the device.These parameters depend on the pressure at which water will flow from the pump.

should be noted that single-stage devices have a low level of maximum pressure.The largest number of runners in a multi-device is 5 pieces.Naturally, centrifugal water pump must be properly exploited, that it has the best performance.You should also consider the pressure network, which will operate the device.

If you need a powerful pump, which will operate in a fairly large network, it is necessary to pay attention to those devices that have a high rotational speed of the impeller.

most common are cantilever centrifugal pumps.They are the most simple device and it's great to cope with its task.