Topiary of cones with their hands.

Topiary, and in other words, a tree of happiness, today is a very topical gift for anyone on any celebration.They are made from various materials: flowers, candy, coffee beans, napkins.But in this article we will talk about such artificial saplings as topiary cones of conifers.

your attention is presented step by step master class on making this type of product.After reviewing the information provided in it, and prepare all the necessary materials for work, you can easily make your own hands now tree of happiness.

Topiary of cones.Preparing to

To produce trees, we need these materials:

  • container (glass, plastic, clay);
  • bamboo napkin;
  • dry twig or more of the tree or shrub;
  • foam ball;
  • cones of conifers;
  • plaster;
  • Melt;
  • piece of burlap;
  • tape or tapes;
  • decorative moss;
  • spray "snow" in the can or silver paint.

Learn how to make topiary of cones.Master class

  1. decorating pots.Capacity (cut plastic bottle, an old cup without a handle, flower pot) to measure the circumference and hei
    ght.For this size of cut bamboo napkin sheet and attach it to the pot using a glue gun.Burlap follow the band width of about 4-5 cm and wrap it around the container.Tie a bow on top of the braid or ribbon.It turns out very original design of the pot "under the tree."
  2. Making crown and trunk of trees.Foam Ball Pierce branch, fill the hole in the adhesive and stick the barrel.You can execute it from several branches, but they should not be thick.When the blank is dry, attach to the ball bumps tightly to one another.Paint the crown of trees with paint from a container or just sprinkle spray that simulates snow.Leave the product to dry.
  3. Connection blanks in the composition.Spread the plaster according to the instructions on the package and pour it into the pot.At the center of the insert body panel (trunk with crown), hold a few minutes until the solution will harden slightly.Leave crafts dry in a warm room.
  4. Topiary of cones: stage decoration.The gaps between the bumps fill fiber sisal or paste it to small sprigs of artificial pine needles.You can attach organic walnuts or hazelnuts.If a stick-trunk looks unsightly, then wrap it with string or corrugated paper.Plaster in a pot close artificial moss Melt gluing it.Under the tree you can plant a decorative bird or put a small lump.

That revealed all the secrets on making such a beautiful product as Topiary of cones.

Photos presented in this article demonstrate that these crafts can be not only circular form but also in the form of a cone.Such Topiary resembles herringbone.On the eve of New Year holidays it can be done to decorate their home or as a gift to friends or relatives.As a decorative element for such a small Christmas tree, use toys, "rain", snowflakes.

Topiary of cones belong to the category of handicrafts entitled "vintage."For their manufacturing and junk materials at hand and the gifts of nature.You should spend only on paint and glue.For very little money you get a very original and beautiful products.Create beauty with pleasure!