Consider how to do decoupage bottles of champagne for New Year celebrations

believed that the bottle of sparkling wine - a great feature of New Year holiday table.Under the chiming clock in almost every home to open the champagne, seeing the old year and the new meeting.In anticipation of the upcoming 2014, we offer you an original and presentable to issue a standard wine bottles, making it a unique and festive.In this article, we'll show you how to perform decoupage bottles of champagne and turn them into a work of art.Presenting a product or interior decorating them, you create a sense of celebration, surprise and will please your guests.

Decoupage champagne bottles: Getting Started

To obtain a glass container, you will need a set of tools and supplies:

  • bottle of champagne;
  • white and blue pearl paint (acrylic);
  • napkin with Christmas motif or a special card with decoupage effect 3D;
  • transparent acrylic sealant;
  • acrylic lacquer;
  • paste, which creates the effect of snow;
  • decorative elements - bows, ribbons, sequins;
  • textured spray paint, creates the effect of gossam
    er strands.

Before work is necessary to prepare a bottle - to remove all labels and stickers.To do this will be easy, if the capacity to soak for several hours in the water.After cleaning the surface it must be thoroughly degreased with alcohol or acetone.After training, you are ready to spray white acrylic paint.After drying base layer put on a bottle of Blue Pearl Paint.Now harvesting has become more gentle tone.The turn of the processing of special pearl paint-spray with gossamer threads.This will give the product a special gloss and gloss.

Decoupage bottles of champagne: the second stage.Working with a cloth or a special card

to decorate the bottle is perfect decoupage card with the effect of 3D, although you can use an ordinary cloth, which can be purchased at any store.Select the desired motif and cut it.Instead of the standard PVA glue, we recommend using acrylic sealant that dries, it becomes transparent.Each motif on the reverse side treated with a sealant.And apply gently to the desired place on the bottle.Excess sealant can be removed with ordinary toothpicks.If you are working with a special card for surround decoupage, it should be remembered that all the elements of the picture are superimposed in turn, usually in the order indicated at the map.After gluing all the figures leave the product to dry.Christmas decoupage bottles of champagne is almost complete.It only remains to give our hand-made article more elegant look.To do this, proceed to the decor.

Decoupage bottles of champagne: the final stage of work.Decoration bottle decorative elements

After drying bottles decorate it with a paste imitating snow.We draw some details of the picture painted, add glitter, glitter.If you want to do openwork congratulatory inscription.After drying cover crafts acrylic lacquer in several layers.Finally, the product can be decorated with a bow, bright ribbons, tinsel and Christmas balls.Decoupage card allows you to make any bottle beautiful and elegant.Drawing will look realistic and voluminous.

Now you have learned how to decoupage a bottle of champagne is made with their own hands.In fact, this work is not too difficult, the main thing - to buy sparkling wine, find a beautiful napkin with Christmas drawing and begin to create, being in a good mood.You will see such a colorful and bright hack will appeal to all your guests!