What is the care for cyclamen in the home

Plants always gave joy.Here and in the cold season of boredom and despondency rescues a beautiful flower cyclamen, conveniently located on the windowsill.It is difficult to name the place where the flower does not grow, probably only at the north pole.So far, no established place of origin of the flower: whether the North-East Africa, or Iran, or the Mediterranean region.Whatever it was, it is not so important, the main thing that cyclamen is loved not only avid fans of flowers, but ordinary people.

say that cyclamen are very finicky plant, and it is not always possible to please him.A certain amount of truth in this, but still, these data greatly exaggerated: cyclamen care at home is almost no different from caring for other plants.Is it just a little.

If you decide to acquire a beauty, then you really do not want to learn how to care for cyclamen. is worth noting that during the life of the plant is not quite normal.Blossoms it is usually in the autumn-winter period, and after the bud, falls int

o this "hibernation": the leaves fall off either by themselves or they must be cut off.Perhaps that is why care for cyclamen in the home during these periods is a little different.

If you'll be good to take care of this plant, the flowering of his he can please you, and 10-12 years.Many housewives know firsthand how cyclamen dies, not having lived three years old.This happens when you do not observe the regime of irrigation, lighting and fertilizer, and various diseases often affect the flower.

To cyclamen bloomed well, it should be plant in a pot is not too large, while the tuber should be only about a quarter of its part is in the ground.Such is the peculiarity of this plant.During flowering cyclamen need special care, because in order to please you with their beauty some bright flowers, the plant should give a lot of strength.To these forces are inexhaustible, cyclamens need a moderate temperature, heat, as well as extreme cold, he can not stand.Optimum for flowering plants is the air temperature at 12-15 degrees.During this period, cyclamen and needs more lighting, but this does not mean that it must direct sunlight.This situation is detrimental to a flower.Caring for cyclamen in the home during the flowering period and assumes a constant watering, however, care must be taken not to pour the flower, otherwise the tuber may rot.By the way, cyclamen sprinkled as follows: water is poured into a container or dish and put it with a flower pot in the bottom of which is necessarily done by holes.

The content of cyclamen in the home after the end of flowering is a bit different.As a rule, the leaves fall off the plants themselves, but if that did not happen, they will have to unscrew or cut using special scissors.Cut off the leaves should be as close as possible to the tubers, but this should be done very carefully to avoid damaging the plant.Processed flower should be removed in a cool dark place.Watering at this time is significantly reduced, but still, you need to ensure that the soil in the pot does not dry up.Once the plant leaves appear, it indicates the beginning of the preparation of a flower to a new period of flowering.With the plant out of hibernation again, it should be transferred to the lighted area, increasing at the same time watering.

As you can see, cyclamen care at home is not so difficult.It is necessary to add that the plant should be fertilized periodically: this is done every 2 weeks.Use for this purpose a special fertilizer for flowering plants.Fertilize the plant is not necessary when it is in a period of calm.

How long will live your plant, largely depends on what state you bought it.You can certainly buy it tubers to plant and wait a couple of years when the cyclamen bloom.But if you buy already grown a flower, take care to have a healthy appearance, and his potatoes were smooth and only a quarter of the lowered into the ground.