An effective anti-cellulite massage at home

For all women struggle with cellulite - a matter of honor.They spend a lot of money not only, but also for years.This time is usually held in the salons, where strong hands masseuses are trying to bring back into shape naedennye long evenings buttocks and thighs.After several thousand spent on these activities woman begins to think about how to make the anti-cellulite massage at home, which will not be such a burden for her purse.

Do not underestimate the domestic procedures for the fight for a beautiful figure.Some activities are very effective, but it is worth a penny.Results of them can surpass salon execution several times.Before you start to massage the problematic areas need to clean the skin and at the same time it is desirable to use scrub.Many cosmetologists are advised to use for this purpose a regular ground coffee, which perfectly removes dead skin cells, moisturizes and creates the effect of a micro massage.For anti-cellulite massage is necessary to use any essential oils or special oil c

ompositions, which can be purchased at the pharmacy, and in any cosmetic shop.

most popular is honey anti-cellulite massage at home, which is held every other day.His course is designed for 15 procedures, and if they endure to the end, the result will surprise even the most demanding individuals.

essence of this massage is that to mix a few drops of orange oil and honey.This mixture is then pounded in his hands, then his hand is applied to the entire surface of the skin and massaged area dramatically breaks away from him.Such slap should proceed for 15 minutes without stopping.The skin will be visible white patches.It toxins that leave the body.Such anti-cellulite massage at home helps break down body fat.As a rule, after it will remain small bruises in the form of small blue dots or dashes.This side effect will take place during the week after the end of the massage, so it is recommended to carry out in the cold season.

Another popular way to combat cellulite massage vacuum banks began.You can buy them in every drug store for a modest price.They also need oil orange or grapefruit.Such anti-cellulite massage at home is carried out every other day for a month and then repeated as necessary.On clean, dry skin applied massage oil.By this surface in different directions have to drive banks.They will be using a vacuum to suck the skin and destroy the subcutaneous fat.Then may also have bruising, which are fast enough.

worth noting that the anti-cellulite massage at home, as well as in the cabin often is associated with the appearance of haematomas and painful procedures.Afraid this is not worth it, because at this moment there is a strong effect on body fat that you just need to endure.To learn how to do anti-cellulite massage at home, says a lot of different literature.The main thing is to have patience and do all procedures on a regular basis.The use of massage from time to time will have no effect.

first results will be seen within 10 days.The skin smoothed, acquires elasticity and dimples are less noticeable.The effectiveness of massage also affects the power in this period and physical activity.Only by means of massaging the problematic areas of the body will not be able to correct a figure, so to solve this problem should be approached comprehensively.Massage gives surprising results only if it is correctly and its sessions were conducted regularly.