Colon Cleansing at home.

If you feel heaviness in the stomach, periodic discomfort, bloating, you have a poor appetite and frequent headaches, then you certainly need to "clean" your body of "toxins".

If you want to feel healthy person and be cheerful and happy, prosper, and many others like it, then you, too, it is recommended to do cleansing of the bowel.

There are official medical techniques that aim at cleansing the small and large intestines, liver and pancreas unloading.And you can use the services of professionals and under their control and supervision of a complete examination and treatment.

However, it is possible (though it is not as effective) purgation spend at home.

There are many traditional methods that have long been used in order to feel better.But we'll talk about them later.

Now I want to talk about how clean the bowel at home with the help of cleansing enemas.

To do this you will need warmer as a reservoir for water, a rubber hose and a plastic tip.The water bottle is filled with water at room temp

erature, about two liters, then smeared with Vaseline and tip is inserted into the anus.If you need to lie on your left side, and after all the water will enter inside, you need to try and keep her there until the moment when it will be impossible.So a course enemas several days with breaks in two-three days.This method (cleaning the bowel at home) is described in all sources as the most effective and efficient.Many write that after this treatment they just flit.

However, I can say that this is not a harmless way to purgation in the home, as the periodic "washing" the intestines, along with fecal stones and slag will escape as all the normal intestinal microflora, washed bacteria thatactually provide normal absorption of nutrients and permanent injury to intestinal villi flow of water results in atrophy and, consequently, to disruption of membrane digestion and digestion.

So, ladies, if you already use this remarkable method, it is strongly recommended after treatment just a course of probiotics and prebiotics to restore microflora washed for the normal functioning of the intestine.

other most common method: purgation at home, this purgation bran.The treatment is carried out at intervals of a month in the year.Bran buy at the store, and eat in the morning on an empty stomach two tablespoons, drinking plenty of fluids.It may be water or milk or tea is unsweetened.Then, at lunch and before dinner for fifteen minutes before a meal eat two tablespoons of bran.Bran is the coarse fiber, they are not digested, so pass through the bowel transit, on the road collecting all that there is of bad stale.This process, in my opinion, more loyal and physiological.We must take good care of your body, or you can do worse than it was.

Do not forget that the passing purgation at home, you need to follow a certain diet.Refrain from starchy foods, greasy fried, pickles and marinades, and, of course, sweets.Otherwise, what sense to unload the bowels, if you followed the slaughter him again.

In general, doctors recommend to spend fasting days, it's not as traumatic for the intestine and is almost harmless to the body as a whole.And the results are not worse, unless, of course, stick to a balanced diet in the remaining days.The most common day of Kefir, apple, watermelon, when you eat in one day, only one product.