Breeding of quails in the home

Quail in China and Japan are considered a symbol of prosperity and wealth.In Russia, the quail are bred because of the healing properties, which have quail eggs, which are considered a real delicacy.Therefore, in our country breeding quail at home has become increasingly popular.

Quails lay eggs almost every day and, although they are unpretentious birds, to maintain a high egg production is necessary to observe the optimum temperature and light conditions and fed balanced food rich in protein.Breeding of quails at home does not require you to high costs and will not take much time.

contain bird in makeshift or standard cells, which has one wall made of mesh.The content of quail in the home is not possible without respect for certain rules: obligatory once a day to change the film, which is underlain by the bottom cell, adult birds to feed two or three times a day and ensure that the drinkers was always clean water.

If you want to spend less time feeding the birds, install automatic waterers and f

eeders bunker in which food is filled every three days.The cell itself must be installed in a dry and warm, draft-free place.

Perepelov should be kept at a temperature of 20 degrees, and the illumination shall be not less than fourteen hours, but at the same time quail do not like too bright light.Of all the species for captive breeding is best suited Japanese quail, which are bred in captivity for several generations.As you can see, the contents of quails at home, undemanding to the content, the quality of feed and resistant to inbreeding is not too troublesome delom.Kormyat quail dry or wet feed, in which twice a week, knowing people are advised to add boiled liver.

breeding quail in the home is complicated by the fact that the quail in captivity rarely do incubate.That is why an incubator for hatching necessarily need.You can do it yourself or buy at the store.The design and dimensions of the incubator may be different, must be only his ability to maintain a temperature of 36-39 degrees, and from time to time automatically turn the eggs.But if the automatic egg incubator coup has not, they will have to manually flip four times a day.Incubator "incubates" quail eggs seventeen days - if it is in the incubation period is not observed violations of the regime.

growing quails at home before the age of one month is carried out in a box made of plywood or wood.Up to two weeks of age the chicks in a box need to provide continuous coverage, and then gradually reduce the duration of the "light day" up to 15 hours.Daily perepelyata should be kept at a temperature of 37 degrees, week-old chicks need temperature 34 degrees, then - by week - 30, 26 and 22 degrees.

breeding quail in the home requires their proper feeding.In the first week of life chicks are fed five times a day, rubbed on a coarse grater chicken or quail eggs, hard boiled, with the addition of boiled fish, bread crumbs and ground feed.Eggs need to grind with shell - it contains vital minerals.

growing quails at home will be productive if young at the age of one month sit in cages for breeding, separating them by gender.This young quails (if there is extra) fattened for meat, quail and leave for dietary eggs.

benefit quail breeding is evident.One quail (adult) eats 25 grams of food per day, up to the age of downhole feed consumed less than one kilogram.During the year the quail can carry more than three hundred eggs, so it is safe to say that the breeding of quails - it is very profitable.