Preparation of rolls at home.

For Japanese cuisine can not be indifferent, either you love it or not, there are no other options.There are ardent opponents of Japanese cuisine, which say that we do not know how to cook or prepare properly, not one of those products and, in general, fish should be fresh, and the restaurant boasts of having some fresh fish daily.On the other hand, no matter how opposed the opponents, and the culture of Japanese-Chinese food today we thrives, many existing Japanese restaurants, fast food outlets, which also serves Japanese dishes, such as sushi and rolls.Of course, sushi, rolls, maki and everything else Japanese origin should be prepared in the restaurant specially trained sushi chef who specializes only on this kind of dishes.

However, we are not in Japan, and the restaurant is not often you go, but if you go, you run the risk of poison.

So, we'd better learn how to cook rolls at home, and be absolutely quiet for their own health.However, palatability can "pump up" the first time, but it's nothing.

After the second or third time would have obtained no worse than that of the cook.

rolls cooking at home.

So, for the preparation of rolls we need the following ingredients: Pressed seaweed, rice, soy sauce, wasabi (Japanese mustard), food film, Makis (bamboo mat for rolling rolls), and, of course, stuffing, which depends on theyour desire.This may be a fish (fresh or pickled), shrimp, caviar, cucumber, avocado, etc.You can make vegetarian sushi, Sushi "inside out" and a lot of different varieties of this exciting dishes.

But today we try to make rolls Philadelphia at home.

Preparation of rolls at home.

For this we need the following ingredients:

- pressed seaweed;

- rice boiled ordinary (you can, of course, to use a special Japanese rice soaked in vinegar);

- the main component, without which the name will be meaningless, Philadelphia cheese;

- fresh salmon fillet;

- flying fish roe;

- cucumber;

- ginger (sold in jars);

- a tube of wasabi;

- soy sauce

Here, perhaps, and everything we need to prepare rolls at home was adequate.

start with, on a bamboo mat decompose plastic wrap, then put it on a sheet of nori seaweed.Moistened with water hands take a handful of rice and spread on top of the leaf covering it, spread the rice on the surface, leaving only a small gap to one side.

After that we need to carefully turn the sheet of nori with rice so that the rice has turned out below.Then, in the middle of the sheet in the ticker put Philadelphia cheese, on the one hand it decompose the thinly sliced ​​cucumber, and on the other pieces of sliced ​​salmon.When all the components are laid out in the correct order, and evenly distributed, carefully take the edge of the bamboo substrate and begin to fold them so as to obtain a log.Trimming it from all sides, and attach the form.

When you are all done, and you even get on the first try not to destroy the structure, expand the resulting roll.Above we have turned rice and straight at him evenly distributed, spread the caviar of flying fish.Again wrap and gentle movements along the substrate distribute eggs on the surface of the roll.

As a result, you should get a "sausage" in red.All you have to do is cut it into six equal parts and beautifully laid out on a plate.

Ideal would be if rolls cooking at home is supported by the Japanese dishes and corresponding ceremony of eating this culinary masterpiece.