Facial cleansing at home - the way to the young and healthy skin

Facial cleansing involves a process of removing acne, sebaceous formations and dead cells.This procedure is as important as brushing your teeth.Unfortunately, in our lives, not all women find time for something to tidy up the skin of his face.Meanwhile, facial cleansing helps to keep its freshness, naturalness and youthfulness.

Today, professional cleaning person can get in almost every beauty salon, but it's all worth the money, and they, as usual is not enough.Do not be discouraged, because facial cleansing at home is not as effective.Besides, you can always identify themselves during the procedure.Many even believe that the manual cleansing efficiency exceeds even the most advertised devices.

So, how to clean the face at home.Throughout the time the procedure is necessary to observe the sequence, and most importantly, do not interrupt it halfway.

• Vykroyte for themselves, beloved, a couple of hours of free time.Set aside everything and ask you not to disturb the household.

• Facial cleansing at home (in principle, as in the interior) is performed only on clean skin.This means that you need to remove all make-up and clean the skin with cleansing milk or lotion.

• In order to remove the dead and the dead cells, use the scrub.In the pre-moistened face cause him a small amount and intensity of massage for 2-3 minutes.

• The next step is to steam the face.To do this, boil two liters of water or a decoction of herbs (such as chamomile or needles).Put the pan with boiled water on the table, you have to tilt your head over it and throw on top of the towel so that the steam got right to the face and bounced out.Keep face over the steam needed about 10-15 minutes.Go to the next step.

• My hands and wipe them with rubbing alcohol.This is in order not to bring the infection under the skin.

• Further pressing forefingers remove spots (black spots) on the skin.Periodically wipe the face of 3% hydrogen peroxide.This will help remove dead skin cells and painful.

• After all the spots are squeezed, face wipe or tonic lotion with alcohol content - it helps narrow pores.

This facial cleansing at home called mechanically or manually.If you wish, at the end of the procedure, you can make a light massage and apply a nourishing cream.

Clean the face using special masks.They can be bought at the store or make your own.For example, effectively cleans the skin this mask: the face is applied to the washed foam from cosmetic soap.In the same foam is added to a small amount of baking soda.During the procedure will feel a slight tingling.This is normal, but when the discomfort will disappear, the mask can be washed off.Also, instead of the insoluble ash can add coffee grounds to be massaged on the face for 10-15 minutes.After washing off the mask, the face should be wiped with hydrogen peroxide.

Clean face at home can be prepared using a cleansing cream.However, he is only able to remove dust and residues of makeup.Prepare a cream at home difficult, so the easiest way to look at cosmetics shop and pick up a cream for your skin type.

As you can see, cleaning person at home is really necessary, and yet not everyone can fully take advantage of it.For example, facial cleansing is contraindicated for people with inflamed skin, the presence of injuries, scratches, eczema and boil.It is not necessary to do cleaning of the face, and when there is a general malaise or fever.If after cleaning the face appeared strange inflammatory sites, it would be best to seem beautician or dermatologist.