Manicure at home.

If you have free time to pursue their beauty itself, and you will not take your time, it is quite possible to look after their own hands and make a beautiful manicure at home.It's not hard, just need a little bit of diligence and a great desire to look attractive.

Manicure at home can now be done in two existing methods:

- edged classic manicure

- edging, which also can be done in two different ways.I'll talk about them a little later.

Quite nedvno worldwide use the first method of nail care, ie,cuticle, which grows on top of the nail plate just cut the nail scissors, and, basically, it looks pretty neat and nice, but over time it became clear that this kind of manicure leads to the fact that after cutting the cuticle each time becomes rougher and showsburrs, and the skin around the nail bed thickens and becomes coarse.This cuticle begins to grow even faster.

Today, there are more ways to make loyal manicure at home, for example, edging manicure.As I said above, it can also be carried out in s

everal ways.Firstly, it is an easy way to moving away cuticle manicure stick.This is entirely painless and acceptable if you do a manicure at home.

But there is a new way of edging manicure cuticle is the rapid removal of a specially designed gels and ointments, which dissolve the cuticle, and you only need to remove remnants of the cuticle with a soft cloth.These ointments rubbed into the nail plate and otschelushivayut softened skin.It is very convenient and fast way to do a manicure at home.

Do not forget that a beautiful manicure that's not all that gives hands a well-groomed appearance.In this case, considerable importance is regular hand care, skin of the hands, as it always gives our age, it is necessary to bring the handle in order.

To do this, use a daily emollient hand cream, and at night to rub in cuticle oil that prevent its growth and make the skin around the nail plate with a soft and accurate.

Before starting a manicure at home, you need to do hand relaxing bath with sea salt, and if you have dry skin of hands, it is best to use a herbal broth, for example, a decoction of chamomile.

After that handles well lubricated with a nourishing cream and proceed directly to manicure.

How to do a French manicure at home?

most common, but at the same time beautiful and attractive is a French manicure, which is suitable for all outfits and under any makeup.He is also very good in business since mimics a healthy nail appearance and virtually invisible on the hands.

To make up nails, you must first degrease the nail plate means for removal of a varnish, but certainly without acetone.Never use products containing acetone, it spoils the nail.

Surely you've seen in the sale of kits to the French manicure, which include three-stripes varnish and nakleechki.If you buy a set, you should give preference to the more expensive the manufacturer as much harm cheap varnish nails.

So you started.First, we put a transparent substrate under the paint, which tend to nourish the nail and protects it from harmful effects of color lakes.Remember, under any colored varnish is applied first base.Then paste the strips so that the regrown part of the nail was limited to the label, and stain it with white paint, remove the stripes immediately.Give 10 minutes to dry, paint the top and beige lacquer, which gives a natural color.Always in custody, apply fixative to your work was kept as long as possible.