How to Choose a Conditioner Apartments

This major appliances such as air conditioning, is quite different from other household appliances, and so her choice is to approach very carefully.If you do not know how to choose the air conditioner for an apartment, the most accurate answer is a proposal to use the advice of professionals.In the case of them not nearly enough to choose by preference in appearance, price and a set of additional functions.It will be important to choose the desired system specifications.In case of an error we get a technique that even with the smooth operation can not cope with its main task: providing the right climate regime in the apartment.

However, realizing that without the advice of a professional can not do, you can still identify yourself and pick up the necessary parameters of the technique for your environment.So we can estimate beforehand what to choose air conditioning for the apartment, which model and a manufacturer can come and estimate how much it will cost.For air conditioning the most important char

acteristic is its power.On it you can determine how it will cope with the tasks for which designed.Required power conditioner is determined depending on various parameters: the size of the room, the size of doors and windows, which way they go, the number of units and major appliances are people here.

All of these factors to understand how to choose the air conditioner for an apartment can bring together the right and accurately assess them in a state only by an experienced professional.But you can pre-calculate the required power for themselves.The calculation takes into account the following data: for standard ceilings per 1 sq.square meter requires 100 watts of power, plus 100 watts for every living person.It is necessary to take into account the number of units and major appliances add to the calculation of half of their power consumption.Putting all of these numbers, you will get an approximate capacity of the equipment necessary for all rooms of your apartment, which require air conditioning.

Do not be afraid of the power of modern high numbers of air conditioners.Before you choose a conditioner for the apartment, keep in mind that the real power consumption of approximately three times lower.The reason is that the real atmosphere in the room is created not only by the operation of the equipment, but also due to the incoming air from the street.For this reason, the device is completely painless can be incorporated into a conventional wall outlet without fear of overload voltage.

To learn how to choose the air conditioner for an apartment, you need to understand the types of equipment, of which there are only three main categories.This split-systems, mobile and window air conditioners.Mobile air conditioners do not need to install, just connect the pipe to bring the hot air out.Window air conditioners are relatively cheap and very easy to install, however, have several disadvantages: they obstruct a portion of the window and emit increased noise.From all the problems eliminates split system air conditioning split type, it consists of two blocks and a compressor located on the street.The indoor unit of a split system operates almost silently.

to install a split system in the apartment it is better not to think about how to install the air conditioner yourself.It is possible in cases, if you decide to purchase a window air conditioner or mobile, then you are not required to use special skills and use of a special tool.If you decide to install in the flat split-system, think about the fact that such work is best left to a professional masters.And then you have chosen the equipment will perfectly fulfill its main task - to provide the desired indoor climate.