How to choose a vacuum cleaner for the apartment in a huge range of new products.

Every day a huge amount of free time we spend on a constant struggle for the purity and house dust we did not manage to completely destroy forever.It regularly carries air from one room to another and settles on the piece of furniture in the rooms.In the end, the impure air in the premises will cause that person will sleep poorly, reduce its ability to work, as well as any headaches, fatigue and other health problems.That is why, at the present time is very important to promptly and efficiently to remove house dust, and try to keep the house in a constant state of cleanliness.The main household appliance for cleaning dust and dirt in the rooms is a modern device of a vacuum cleaner.

about how choose vacuuming for apartments with the Internet is a huge amount of controversy, where the face of the opinions of various experts and vendors.Now there are various models of vacuum cleaners in the economy of almost every family.In addition, the domestic market offers a huge variety and a wide range of standa

rd equipment, so that the question of how to choose a vacuum cleaner for the apartment, in principle, people should not occur.But it is difficult to buy a vacuum cleaner at the right price and quality configuration.

In order to most accurately answer the question of how to choose a vacuum cleaner for the apartment, it is necessary to know the basic indicators of quality of modern vacuum cleaner.Basically, all the experts agree that the main indicator in the selection of the standard equipment is suction .This indicator is considered one of the main characteristics of the efficiency of the modern vacuum cleaner.When you purchase is necessary to inquire about this one seller.Moreover, you should distinguish between the universal measure the power consumption of the vacuum cleaner and its absorption capacity.

Usually in modern devices power consumption is around 1,300 to 2,000 watts, but the suction power of the modern vacuum cleaner in the limit from 250 to 480 watts.In many ways, it is the power of the suction and all depends on the effectiveness of domestic cleaning, as the greater the number, the better it will clean your carpet or floor and the more house dust will involve a modern vacuum cleaner.Experts argue that the greater rate of suction power from the device, the better it affects the house cleaning.

is mainly excreted in type 2 suction power of a modern vacuum cleaner: is the average efficiency and maximum suction power.The median effective suction power - is a universal capacity of each vacuum cleaner for a long time with a constant indication of a certain capacity to absorb dust mite.Typically, this indicator is determined for the first 5 minutes of operation of the apparatus.The maximum suction power - a measure of the power with which your future will be cleaner to suck dust during the first few minutes.In most cases, the rate by 15-30% above the average power.

Also, in order to resolve the question of how to choose a vacuum cleaner for the apartment, it is necessary when buying a device to draw attention to special dust collectors and filters for vacuum cleaners .All dust collectors are divided into removable paper products or reusable textile shell.Change of paper dust collectors now used by the greatest number of people, which is why manufacturers give them special preference to the development of the vacuum cleaner.In addition, they can improve the retention of fine particles by finer filtering surface and two - three layers of filter material.The only problem with using them is the need to constantly replenish stocks.

also for those who have not yet decided which to choose a vacuum cleaner, models are available with reusable textile dust collectors, in which the dust passes through a wide mesh.Moreover, much dust contaminates subsequent filters in a small amount is deposited in the bag.In addition, in order to remove all of the dust collected in the bag is necessary to shake the bag by hand.But these bags have a number of advantages, such as being able to use them all the time without replacement, that allows you to not spend extra money on their permanent acquisition.