Lessons Samodelkina: how to make a bird feeder out of a plastic bottle

Winter, cold, and gentle summer comes to mind more often.Looking out the window at the frozen birds, feel the desire to help them.How?Make a bird feeder!

Plastic hands

bird feeders out of plastic bottles can be made in different ways.We propose to consider a number of ways.

  • The simplest is: you need, except for the tanks, wooden spoons with long handles.In the bottle at different levels to make holes and insert the spoon.On what principle works the bird feeder?From the plastic bottle grain must fall in a spoon.Therefore, on the one hand make the holes slightly wider.A cup to a small spoon nail plate, which can take the bird.Jumping on it, they are being shaken bottle and feed will sleep where necessary.Through the funnel must fill grains into the container and screw the cap.Last question - how will this be fixed bird feeders out of plastic bottles.With this at all easy.Tie the rope to the neck and hang the bottle to a convenient branch.And to the wind it is not swayed and did not frighten birds
    should be the capacity to bind to the trunk and lock in one position.Such a feeding trough for birds from a plastic bottle will cost you cheap.Therefore, they can be made in unlimited quantities and great support of our feathered friends.
  • second option how to make a bird feeder made of plastic.Both sides should be cut wide "windows" in height in 2 quarters of the bottle.The walls have become "pillars" supporting the roof - top with a neck (his cover with a lid).From bottom to retreat around the palm and a half to fall asleep grain falls to the ground.And attached to a tree.However, you can only eat here Therefore singly or in pairs.Because these items have to do "bird catering" as much as possible.Well have to restock more often than in the version proposed above.What else can you improve these things the device, so it's small holes to be done at the bottom of the bottle.Thanks to them all of the moisture that gets on grain safely stechёt down.A bird food is covered with a crust of ice, and feathered it will be easy to reach.
  • Someone decided to create a winter dining room for sparrows and tits, begins to look on the Internet drawing of bird feeders.For those who have taken to this end of the plastic bottles, such a serious preparation to anything.Because it is a third option, too, is very unassuming.Cut along the bottle into 2 parts.Near the neck cut of the shoulders.Pick a plate length in 2 bottles.Came to her resulting trough, combining them into one.You can build a low roof or visor.Then the bird food does not soak in the rain, and not covered with snow.A small board will give a trough resistance, and so sit down, and the birds peck much more convenient than tonyusenkoy edge of the bottle!

As you can see, all genius is simple.And if you really want to help the birds, you can easily make a lot of feeders through which save us from starvation no other vociferous.Just remember the famous line from childhood poems "Feed birds in winter," and you will understand how important this is!