The best ways to make the petals kanzashi: advice to the needle

modern girl motto goes like this: "Be yourself, to stand."Today, fashion is that you can try on any image, you only need to be original in their choice.The best way to look outside the box - try yourself as a designer.

ornaments have a special role in creating a feminine way, because even a small piece toilet is able to completely change the impression.Effectively look kanzashi hair ornaments - flowers of satin ribbons, which will be discussed in this article.

painstaking and time consuming is to create colors in the style of kanzashi, making the petals which requires patience and utmost discipline.If you create a similar decoration for the first time, you will be more convenient to do the petals of satin ribbons, instead of cloth.

kanzashi petals vary in shape and are pointed, rounded, and multilayered.The basis for the products of any form is a square of tape.

kanzashi petal How to make?Very easy, just be patient, free time and the following materials:

  • colored satin ribbons;
  • scissors, needle, thread color ribbons;
  • colorless glue for fabrics, but better - glue gun;
  • tweezers;
  • safety pins;
  • candle or a lighter.

Pointed petals kanzashi make easier.To do this, add up the square of fabric on the diagonal, the resulting triangle fold in half, a multilayer triangle.

side ends of the triangle and press oplavim candle tweezers, if necessary, do the same steps with the lower edge of the petal.

for manufacturing multilayer petal to folded on the diagonal triangle are putting another cut from the tape of a different color.The resulting triangular pattern add up and process the edges, like a pointed.Layered onto kanzashi visually enlarge the composition and make it more expressive due to the color of the game.

Manufacturing rounded petals will take a little more time and require some skill.The square is turned off on the diagonal, then the side edges of the wrap to the resulting triangle obtuse angle, to get the diamond.

Rhombus turn over the other side, the side corners are pressed against the center of the diamond, you can lock a drop of glue.

again overturn detail straighten petal, process the bottom edge.

Ready petals using thread and needle to collect a flower.

For convenience, you can use the framework to which subsequently attach the clasp.

classical variation form petals kanzashi can be supplemented with interesting details.If the inside of the workpiece pointed petals rounded and fix adhesive is an unusual petal to flourish.Mother of pearl beads are ideally suited to the atlas, complementing the delicate composition.The central part of the flower can also decorate beads or decorative thread of stamens, seasoned in the glue and starch.

Whichever way you choose to make the petals kanzashi, your decoration will underline your unique and original style.