For those who are not familiar with Scrapbooking: what it is in the details and the details

have many facets of creativity.Some of the paper makes modular origami, someone engaged in photography.Others are addicted to scrapbooking.What is it, we will understand, and in this article.


all faced with this in different ways.Someone will give card in this technique, someone wants to formalize his baby photos, and stumble on a detailed master-class.In any case, it is not yet very popular hobby in our country takes pride of place abroad.There, many involved in scrapbooking.What it is?This is when the paper obtained from a wonderful useful and delightful things.These include handmade greeting cards, notebooks, albums, passport covers, cookbooks and more.Initially it meant the creation of scrapbooking albums for photos.For its creation it was necessary to prepare the ground, paste the picture and execute their bright and unusual.The move could walk scraps of newspaper, magazine clippings, dried flowers and more.The technique of scrapbooking album obtained the living and non-trivial.Later,

under this concept has been hit many other facilities, the main constituent of which is paper.


Today, many firms, foreign and Russian, produce such components for scrap as:

- paper;

- cutting;

- chipbordy;

- paper flowers;

- ribbons, lace;

- pearls, pendants, cutting and more.

It is because of the high price of these components scrapbooking for beginners is not always available.You can not just buy up all the beautiful scrap paper with suitable ornaments.And just in the names of difficult to understand.For example, chipbordy - a figurine of cardboard and cutting - out of thin.Besides the usual ready-made materials, much in scrapbooking and can create their own hands.For example, the colors of paper or satin ribbons.And to create cuttings sell special machines and knives for them, allowing to make an interesting item from the cardboard, he's kardstok.

For what and to whom

Today, any work done by the hands, extremely popular.These notebooks or cards stored warmth of the hands of their creator, with them you give harmony, kindness and love.That is why more and more people interested in scrapbooking.What it is?On this issue we have just said.And what does it do?These are excellent gifts for all kinds of events, this is a good way to arrange family photos, it's even a good way to earn money.Especially since today there are many workshops on this topic.Following the detailed instructions, you can make a really beautiful work.So make out the wedding photo shoot, the pictures of the first year of life and holidays.Try it, you'll love.

Cons scrapbooking

You may have already realized that threatens people who are fond of scrapbooking.What is it, you know, so do not want to inform about side effects:

- First, it is expensive hobby that is not immediately begins to pay for itself and make a profit.

- Second, if you do not have the talent, then you have to learn a long time before you get anything worthwhile.

- Finally, scrapbooking addictive.After tasting one, you're unlikely to stop.But it's not so bad!Start small and develop this interesting and unusual hobby!