Water polyethylene pipes - the future of water supply

Easy for transportation, speed of installation, environmental security ... It is because of these properties, water polyethylene pipes are located on the leading position in the construction of piping systems.Also, they are practically not subject to corrosion and can withstand water hammer.

There is another option, which is very important both for customers and for installers.Comparing how much plastic tube pipe, its price, unlike metal, is much lower.

Make polyethylene pipes made of polyethylene of different types - high, medium and low pressure - and depending on the material is determined by the scope of the product.

highest density, surprisingly, from polyethylene that is produced in a low pressure.Made from a water pipe used in plastic pipes.To pump it is possible not only fluid but also gas.Also, such pipes are used where the liquid is moved by gravity.For example, in sewer systems.

Scope polyethylene pipes extensive.Although they are mostly involved in water supply systems - external

and internal, but are established and drilling, and electrical work.Polyethylene has dielectric properties which are not electrified.Therefore, PE pipes are used as casings for high-voltage cables.

There is only one "but."High temperature water polyethylene pipes do not tolerate, so not suitable for hot water supply, as well as in fire extinguishing systems.

determine which tube is required in a particular field of use may be on the label.For example: Polyethylene pipe SDR 32 PE-21 means that the pipe is made of polyethylene having an outer diameter of 32 mm, a wall thickness of 2 mm.These pipes are used in household and drinking purposes.

assembly of pipes depends on the diameter and the operating conditions of the pipeline.Tubes connected to a single system using fittings - universal clamps.They can also set the device in the piping with valves and control valves in the case of external water supply, sanitary and - in the case of the internal.

Connections PE pipe is detachable and one-piece.By the permanent link are welding, gluing, to the detachable - flange (with the help of an overhead nuts) and flared.

polyethylene pipes for water Mounted as a detachable method and one-piece.

Welding is mainly used in external water supply systems in large diameter pipes.Welds are convenient in the case of underground and above-ground pipeline and allow to preserve the flexibility and strength of the entire length.

small diameter pipelines, especially used in domestic systems, with a special glue or adhesive is adjusted with detachable joints.The latter provides ease of maintenance and water pipelines during repair work.

polyethylene pipes - the future of the pipeline industry.Scientists have only to invent a substance that will withstand high temperatures.