Building a house: how to calculate the stairs to the second floor

Each residential building has stairs, and the correct implementation of the architecture of the room depends on the comfort and safety of residence.Each element of the design must be designed and extinct, materials for its production must be matched to the maximum all the features of the planned facilities.And the question of how to calculate the stairs to the second floor, is one of the components of the plan of the building.

Types ladders

Before you calculate the stairs to the second floor, you need to select the type of the structure.The main types are considered:

  1. Open staircases - these designs are easy to perform and practicality.This device is used in the design of the premises where the future is planned to move bulky objects (furniture, musical instruments, and so on).In addition, this design is the safest option for children and the elderly.There are variations of this type of structure - turning staircase to 90 ° (the installation is carried out in two adjacent walls), poluoborotny
    180 °, and a pie - the angle of rotation is 360 ° (here provide several passages and cruising grounds).
  2. Spiral staircases - a complex structure in which the steps are performed on the winder type.The radius of the placement of these elements accurately calculated in the project.Such structures as the curved staircase and broken paddles are varieties of helical structure.

Selection of the stairs

In order to know how to calculate the stairs to the second floor, you need to choose the type of construction.As a general rule, selection of devices and constructive solutions depends on such factors as the surface area available in a project area, the steepness of the ascent (floor height) and others.

This geometric form platform for a spiral staircase - a circle, and for propulsion designs- a rectangle.The first option is the most cost-effective plan, but this type of device are not safe for children and the elderly, as well as for those who have poor health (especially hypertension).

When choosing a ladder-type propulsion determine whether the projected construction of a turn or will direct.If the place is small, it is best to plan the construction of a turning angle which is calculated depending on the location in the building.

Structure Analysis

consider the question of how to calculate the stairs to the second floor, on the example of a stairway with a rotation of 90 °, made of wood.The size of the steps (height and width) provides rules as described in the construction documentation (SNIP).

main values ​​that are accepted for the calculation are:

  1. width of the march.This design value depending on whether the move bulky products.Typically, this figure is from 800 mm to 125 mm.
  2. depth steps taken for a maximum of 42 shoe size - 280 mm-300 mm.
  3. opening height on the stairs: the best option - 1.95 m-2.0 m.
  4. step height (stage) - 160 mm-200 mm.
  5. lifting angle is taken 30 ° - 45 °, since the value of the slope in this range can provide a comfortable ride.
  6. These values ​​can be checked by the so-called formula of security 2k + n, where k - the height of the riser, n - the width of the stage.As is known, step adult equals 0.60 - 0.64 m, with k - 0.28 m, then n must be taken as 0.18 m. Note that the larger stage, the smaller the height of the riser.

Before you calculate the stairs, you must make measurements:

  1. floor height (measured perpendicularly from the top of the floor of the second floor to the lower level of the first (point A)) - and leg.
  2. length of the projection span (from point A to the end position the lower level of future construction) - leg b.

knowing these dimensions, it is possible to calculate the length of the entire span from the formula of Pythagoras: a2 + b2 = c2, where c is the unknown quantity.The number of steps is computed by dividing the total height of the floor on the value of the riser (step height), for example, 3 m 0.20 m =

15. As seen, to calculate the staircase to the first floor is easy.You can do this without the help of special computer programs.The main thing - to perform correct measurements above.