The device of ventilated facades - a simple and effective

quite understandable desire of any person to save his house.In such care it requires not only the internal situation, and the facade of the building.It is he who takes care of all the external factors and there is nothing surprising in the fact that over time, the house begins to deteriorate.One way to avoid failure is to provide additional protection.To understand how this can be done, it is enough to consider the installation of ventilated facades.

In order to avoid undue destructive effects on the building, it is not prohibitively difficult.In fact, before the facade of the house creates another wall, take care of all the attacks of the environment.Such a device of ventilated facades additionally provides several levels of protection.They include the:

  • use of outside material, particularly resistant to natural influences, such as porcelain;
  • creating channel (ventilation) between the fa├žade and the outer wall, so that the moisture is removed from the interior and improves the microclimate insid
    e the building, the house "breathes";
  • provide additional thermal protection structure;
  • possible to change the external appearance of buildings without conducting its reconstruction.

After we describe the principle that performed installation of ventilated facades, the technology of its creation becomes understandable without complicated explanation.Originally mounted vertically on the wall sheathing, move it to the width of the thermal insulation material used (it is located between the rows of crates).Above the insulation is attached vapor barrier film that protects the structure against moisture from the outside.

Then, the counter-battens, which in the future will be assigned a facing material.The device of ventilated facades may differ from that described - services for the creation of designs offered by many companies, and each has its own technique of work.But in any embodiment of this structure are the use of the same protective outer walls and ensuring air passage between the outer wall and facade protection (or a heater, if applicable).

considering the installation of ventilated facades, you should pay attention to self vent through which air flow is created which protects the exterior walls of the accumulation of excessive moisture, it also provides extra insulation due to the air gap.The presence of such a channel makes the protection of the facade quite effective.

But do not forget the finishing materials, for which due to its unique features is most commonly used, as already mentioned, granite.Taking the first blow of elements, it prevents the destruction of the facade of the building, resulting in a service life that can be up to fifty years.An important advantage of exterior trim is that it allows you to change the look of the building.Given the rather significant cost facing, it will serve as a demonstration of the status of the host.

Thus, the device of ventilation facades as mandatory components of the design includes an outer protection and vent.Other elements may vary depending on the firm's supplier, but it was referred to the details of curtain walls shield the building from damaging external influences and provide the necessary climate indoors.