Reminder: how to mark the foundation for the house

construction of any house, whatever its purpose, begins with the foundation.More precisely, with its layout.There is a minimal set of tools that will help in this.Also, you need to have at least a rough plan of the house, to know your size.How to mark the foundation for the house?There are some nuances that need to be remembered.

Firstly, a foundation not only mark a perimeter future building, but also in depth.And it depends on what materials will be made house.The harder it is, the more thorough must be the foundation and so it is deeper.

Secondly, before you mark the foundation for the house, you need to get some supplies.This Roulette (building, 20 meters), spade, power and level.Last necessary for the future foundation was flat.Subsequently, it will only be a plus in the construction and decoration.

Third, before you mark the foundation for the house, you need to pick the pegs, which will be hammered along the edges of the markup.Not only them.Noting the main perimeter, and the need to meas

ure every room in the house alone.There will also be the foundation, and then the base.This gives the building a thoroughness that is the key to longevity.

marking the foundation of the house is necessary to the building was not only strong, but also smooth.In the future, it eliminates the need to align the walls of the premises.In addition, the extracted base in terms of laying the foundation several times faster and easier.Once all pegs are driven in, you can start digging the earth.How deep to dig?This usually 25-40 centimeters.This will be enough for both masonry and for the houses of timber or foam blocks.

Once the dug perimeter, you can start to digging under the interior walls.Many people neglect this, and for good reason.The foundation walls at the base makes it possible to make a more solid walls, with a good sound and heat insulation.Each room is separate.And at the same time, some rooms will be linked.

Before you mark the foundation under the house, and do not forget to prepare for the establishment of a bundle.Reinforcement is fine.This will make the foundation strong, durable and sustainable.Bundle needed as the perimeter and inside it, under the partitions.Such a foundation can stand up to a hundred years.And it does not have any visible "injuries".

So, how to mark the foundation for the house?A few points:

  • House plan.
  • marking the perimeter.
  • driving stakes.
  • Digging deep foundation.
  • Marking a partition.
  • Determining the level of the basement at all stages.

plays an important role, and the ground on which the digging under the building.Soft soils tend to "drown" the building.That is why it is important not only to properly mark the foundation, but also to fill it.In addition, he needs to stand for about a year to complete shrinkage.This will ensure that the building is not skewed in the first few years.The sequence of actions is better not to disrupt, or you may get an unexpected result.