Installation of sliding doors - a craze or a high level of comfort and reliability?

My house - my fortress.Everybody likes to be able to say so on their home.Owners of private houses need to provide a high level of reliability of the fence.

In addition, the door must not only make it easy to enter the territory, but also to protect it from unauthorized access.

Today, there are a huge number of mechanisms that lead to the movement of the flap.However, despite the increased level of comfort, installation of sliding gate has not yet received sufficient distribution.It is much more common swing gates, as they are much easier to build, although the value they are almost indistinguishable.

However, there are situations when you can not put a sliding gate.For example, if the site is quite narrow, and driving away the leaf is not enough room to open the passage.

impossibility plowing the wind, there are no restrictions on the height and need to clear a large area of ​​snow - this is not a complete list of the advantages possessed by modern sliding doors.Metal parts of fittings are rel

iable and durable.

These positive qualities make Spreading system more popular in the near future.The main thing is not to hurry: before trying to install sliding gate with their hands, should carefully examine how they work.

One of the main components, enabling easy and noiseless opening passage, a guide bar.It depends on its quality durability of the whole structure.Also, do not forget the roller bearings.Depending on the width of the sliding gate installation directions can be carried out by two or three rollers.The basis of the design is the power frame that betoniruetsyana sufficiently great depth.

Installing sliding gate must start with the foundation of everything.It is necessary to make a reliable and sufficiently fortified the power valves.In order to avoid problems in the future, it is important not to hurry.The foundation must be well-freeze (usually within five days) before proceeding with the installation.

interesting option, which you can easily build, is a combination of sliding and swinging door types.In this case, a narrow, which allows you to skip the car, is sliding.If necessary, such as for travel to the territory of the truck, the opening can be expanded by opening a hinged flap.

Installing sliding gate is impossible without the development of design wicket.To save space, it often makes built.But in this case it turned out pretty high threshold, which is inconvenient when the need to constantly take out strollers and bicycles.It is also difficult to have the elderly and disabled.Much more convenient option would be a free-standing gate.

In any case, before you install the gateway, you should carefully consider what features are important to you.Where there is sufficient space, sliding doors may be more comfortable.