Wrought Iron Gate - a masterpiece with his own hands

Forging - is one of the oldest methods of processing metals.Such items are very beautiful and do not change over the centuries.Wrought Iron Gate - this indescribable beauty, which a person invests his soul, is the embodiment of his imagination into reality.

Wrought iron gates, made with his own hands

first thing that guests pay attention when approaching the house, it is the goal.Wrought iron gates with their hands to create a complex, but very real.This will require forging devices, tools, forge and anvil.Horn - a furnace for the metal, the main requirement to the quality of her work is a constantly high temperature.Due to this, the metal can be given absolutely any shape.

Besides leading devices and additional devices will be needed.In order to keep the hot metal, need special pliers to the beat - hammers of different sizes, and to create holes requires special batting.A tool that is not enough, you can make and himself.For the manufacture of each item you need a large number of different too

ls, which can be up to a hundred pieces.Before you start making wrought-iron gates, it is important to examine the types of metals, how they behave when heated, what changes occur within the structure.You must learn to feel the material to see more of his expressive features and be able to allocate them.

Forged gate starting to make a sketch.It is to acquire the necessary amount of metal rods and a pair of best square, they are suitable for the frame.Once sketched on paper, given all sizes, start cutting parts.Then their arch pattern, respectively.The finished coils are connected to each other and fixed to the gate frame.

to wrought-iron gates were beautiful, you want to save the plane.During welding, it is important to have time to use in a timely manner to bring down the resulting slag at the seams, asFailure to do so may develop a crack, everything will start to fail, there will be holes, and it will provide good access of moisture to the steel, which will eventually lead to corrosive destruction of the entire structure.

finished work of art to be treated with sandpaper and paint with black paint.You can cover the gold with enamel, it is elegantly combined with black.


wrought-iron gates Swing gates - it is beautiful, they have the advantage of simplicity of construction, but the wrought-iron gates, sliding much easier.Moreover, they are more practical.Forged sliding gate have a number of advantages: one-piece design - it will not do without strain, is not required to clean the area in front of the gate, especially in winter, can be put on a big production and home made for openings with any width.

sliding doors can also be made with their own hands, for it is necessary to study design.It is very simple, looks like linen with counterjib part attached to it various accessories.The process of manufacturing the sliding gate is much bigger and has two stages.First, preparing the canvas, and then made the installation of the fabric on the base.

But whatever may be the gate - sliding or hinged, the main thing - to make them well.Qualitative performance will give the house a unique and individual style.