Types and dimensions of doors

modern home can not be imagined without the beautiful doors.Once only serve the purpose of security, today they have become an important part of the interior.Entrance and interior doors are able to create a special ambiance, harmoniously fitting into the atmosphere of the house.By creating an intriguing veil, they excite the imagination and curiosity, allowing to build a variety of assumptions about what is behind them.

opinions Owning a home is formed already at its threshold.High-quality door, made of solid wood and decorated with elements of artistic forging, demonstrates the consistency and high aesthetic taste of the owner.Bulky steel - like the practicality of the home dweller, but the unsightly cloth, apparently remnants humbly dosluzhivayuschee life rather big - about the carelessness of the owner.The dimensions of doors can be very different, however, as their design.

features and properties

Modern entrance doors not only protect against the unwanted effects of the environment, but hav

e also protected against burglary, fire-fighting properties.Moreover, some of them have a complete set of special metal laths in places adjoining slats to the frame.This eliminates the possibility of removing the door with "loops."Some manufacturers equip locks armored plate, resistant to any drill.

dimensions depend on the entrance doors opening in the wall.In apartment buildings can be installed ready-standard blade.With regard to private property, then there is most often necessary to produce models on order.

When measuring the doorway must consider not only the width and height, but also the material of the walls, the presence of voids and communications.Importance also have bearing elements that define the technical possibility of strengthening or alteration to the specific size hole doors.

Facing the entrance depends on the technology of the manufacturer and the customer's wishes.The most common material for this are the MDF panels, veneer, wood and laminate.

What, how and what is done

In the manufacture of interior door panels use the same materials as in the lining of the input.The most expensive are considered worthy and solid wood products.However, most of the models - a chipboard.

on the market in a huge assortment of interior glazed and blind doors.They are made from both hardwood and from bars or planks glued between themselves special technological means.Paneled door is a frame of the same material, which are inserted pieces of plywood DSP, PSP or plastic.

reason of manufacturing the necessary models on order can serve as a desire to give the room an individual style or custom sizes of doors.

What applies to the cheapest products?This shield door.They consist of a frame which is filled with boards for stiffening cardboard or excipient.On top of this frame are glued sheets of facing material, in particular orgolita, plywood and MDF.

special aesthetic pleasure for models with glass doors.Modern technologies allow to create the transparent material as safe in terms of traumatic.These include a glass and laminated glass.The increased strength of the material leads to its production process, where several layers of glass glued between a special polymer film.Break it very difficult.But even if it is broken, the small fragments will not be: everything remains gluing film.

to safety concerns materials and tempered glass.Its strength is achieved by heat treatment.If it breaks it shatters into tiny pieces without sharp fragments.

basic requirements

choosing interior doors, the size and design which can be very different, do not be afraid to seem picky buyer.Particular attention should be paid to the elements of the door unit.His frame must be made of solid wood, not from a single piece.To prevent subsequent deformation, it is manufactured by gluing a few bars, in both width and length.

should be using a level to check the web on the plane.Compliance with the ideal rectangular shape is checked by measuring the diagonals of the paintings, the size of the lengths which must not differ by more than 2 mm.The distortion of the correct form affects not only the size of the door, but also due to their closing.