Laminated with or without facet - that is the question

When choosing a floor covering many consumers plagued by vague doubts as to what material is best to choose.Whereas previously the undisputed leader of parquet was considered, but now it drove laminate.The fact that the panel aesthetically does not concede to a natural wood, and their quality is high, but the price is twice lower, which allows you to purchase the material poorer categories of citizens.

But laminate to choose is not so easy as it seems at first glance.Firstly, it is necessary to determine the manufacturer, and secondly, to know what should be chosen class load, and then move on to the design decisions.Manufacturers offer a range of laminate with bevele

d and without it.Many buyers do not know what it is and whether it is necessary to pay for it.Bevel - it's a little beveled edges of plates as a mandatory element of it is used for the coating of natural massive boards, because it allows to prolong their operation during installation, even on an uneven surface.

Buy laminate with beveled or not - this is a must each decide on their own.It should be understood that it has a primarily decorative function, making laminate panels more similar to natural wood.Whatever the quality laminate joints but still visible, which immediately gives it a cheap flooring, but the chamfer does not mask the gap, but rather puts them on display, simulating expensive flooring.Deepening very shallow, only 1 - 2 mm, but its function performs flawlessly.

laminate with beveled is of two types: two-way and four-way, everything depends on the sloping sides.In the first case the bevelled side in length, and in the second - on the perimeter.The recesses are made by pressing in the pressing plate, so in this place the panel strength did not decrease.In addition to the aesthetic side is still worth emphasizing that this element of protection against ingress of moisture into the laminate.33 class with a facet can be safely equated with the floorboard, because this coating is very beautiful, natural look and are extremely durable.

Many consumers refuse grooves on the panel because they feel as though it will be difficult cleaning, they will constantly accumulate dust, dirt, water.It is worth noting that this is a completely false statement, laminate with beveled unassuming in care the same way as without it.The recesses are very small, only a couple of millimeters, so they do not linger.

during prolonged use advantages of the bevel will be more noticeable.When you load the panel will schelitsya that will make them look a bit untidy.Laminate with a facet has no such problems, because its presence can minimize the effects.When viewed from the technological point of view, the laminated board become worse and more vulnerable, whether they are with or without facet, because its main purpose still is the aesthetic form.

Which laminate choose, everyone must decide on their own, because the tastes and preferences of all people are different.It is worth noting that the bevel will make the interior of the room a rich and luxurious, besides it can help to visually enlarge the room.If you want to expand the space, the laminate is laid across, and if you extend - long.