Circulating pumps for heating systems: general characteristics

Circulating pumps for heating systems today have become very popular.The main advantage of the device is the energy savings.The fact that it accelerates the circulation of coolant in the tubes and contributes to the rapid heating of the rooms.As regards the construction of the device, it is not complicated.You can select the following items: a housing (steel, brass or iron), the rotor (ceramic or steel) blade wheel rotating rotor and engine that delivers all the elements of the work.

should be noted that the water level in the expansion tank remains at the same level, regardless of whether or not the device is activated.

Circulating pumps for heating systems are classified into two types - "wet" and "dry".If you use the first type of apparatus, the rotor vane partially under water.This not heated coolant can cool the engine running.It should pay particular attention to the material construction of the body: it should not succumb to corrosion.

The "dry" pump rotor is not in contact with water, beca

use it is separated from the special plate.This type of devices can be classified in more detail in vertical and horizontal block pumps.

«wet" circulating pumps for heating systems are functioning for a long time without maintenance, virtually creating noise.However, the biggest drawback of the device is represented by its not very high coefficient of efficiency.Therefore it is best to use it in small houses or apartments.Although modern devices made several improvements.

course, regardless of the type of the unit, it must be properly placed in the system.For example, "wet" devices are horizontal and can only be installed in the supply, and on the return pipe.As for the setting, it can make even the most.Circulating pumps for heating systems are installed with a wrench and bypasses.Additionally, you must install a filter that will not allow large debris to fall inside the unit.Also on the pipe, which will be installed bypass (pipe which is parallel to the pump), it will be necessary to install shut-off valve.This will give an opportunity to use the design without the pump.

the question of how to choose circulator pumps for heating systems, then there is need to pay attention to the slowness of the pipes, the machine's environment, as well as the needs of each individual house or apartment.It is important to take into account the capacity of the pump and the rate at which it pumps heat transfer fluid through the system.It is best to select the unit in which it will be possible to adjust these two parameters.Too powerful devices not worth buying to protect yourself from excessive noise.

Now on the market there are so many manufacturers: Lowara, DAB, as well as circulating pumps for heating systems Wilo.The choice of the brand depends on its reputation.