Salvia - what is this flower?

How nice summer afternoon stroll in the city park!Better yet, sit on a bench under a shady tree, admiring the blooming flower beds, a palette which is sometimes amazing.And now, after seeing the beauty of the hands landscape designer creations, we return home with the intention to create on the site something like that, or maybe even better.And if you are faced with the question, what colors to decorate your garden, then pay attention to salvia.

Introduction to plant

So Salvia - what this flower is? This type of ornamental plants is very widely used in the design of municipal flower beds.In this article you will learn how to grow on his land a beautiful flower as Salvia.What does this kind of cultivated sage, few know, but surely you do not just admire this flora.Originally Salvia from Brazil, where it is a perennial, but in our frosty climate the flowers are planted as an annual.Colors, this plant has a great variety, and even in some varieties, and variegated leaves, which makes it particularly

decorative.At florists very popular flower Salvia: red, scarlet, bicolor, purple, white - all of them enjoy a special love experts.The inflorescence can zasushivat for winter bouquets.Perhaps salvia varieties 'Blue Queen ", as well as varieties such as' Pink Queen 'and' Salvia brilliant," the most suitable as a curb colors.It is often used as an edging flower beds near the sites and monuments.Such is her irreplaceable - Salvia.What is a flower that will delight your view, know those who year after year "lodges" it on their beds.

Salvia: the cultivation and care

This plant does not cause any trouble when leaving.The only thing to note - the conditions of cultivation of the flower should try to approximate the conditions of the natural habitat of the plant.Salvia does not like wetlands, soils stagnant.For normal growth and lush flowering take care of good drainage.The soil is best mixed with sand.The flower must be to fertilize periodically, but do not get involved.In heavily fertilized soil the plant will be good bushes, but will not give abundant flowering.Breeding Salvia can be done in several ways: by cuttings, seeds and air layering.If you decide to grow salvia from seeds, then they should be sown in late February or early March in a pot.Grown plant pinch to better tillering.Planted flowers in the "permanent residence" in the mid-to-late May.Varieties that are resistant to cold and drought, can be directly planted in open ground.For propagation by cuttings must be transplanted before the frost flower pot and bring to a warm, sunny place.To choose the liquor lush and undersized specimens.In February share on flower cuttings and sit in separate pots (preferably peat) for rooting.In early June, firmly established seedlings planted in flower beds.

favorite of Salvia

What a beautiful and unpretentious flower, have you learned from this article.Try to decorate the infield these colors and for sure, they are your favorites for years to come.Because of their bright colors, you can show your design talent to the full.