Attic or second floor: the complexity of choice

House with a couple of floors almost always enjoyed our compatriots in high demand.That's only until recently afford such construction could only be elected, the rest had to be satisfied in the best case, an attic.Today, two-story home is no surprise.Of course, the cost of a house a lot, but it's definitely worth it.So today the question of the attic or second floor - it is better to erect, set many novice builders.

spite of your choice, preferably in advance to prepare for significant financial investments, since in both cases require a lot of money.However, today we will talk about how to make a version of the two-story house with a few profitable.

So, attic or second floor?"Budget" option is to project the superstructure of the old one-story house.Of course, that first have to be strengthened as the floor and foundation, since they hardly designed for such loads.Covering panel is best used as a monolithic slab of concrete your design is unlikely to survive.

If you decide to use this method of b

uilding a two-story mansion, and inside the second floor would be better to build the walls and ceiling of plasterboard.If you think that the construction of the attic in which case it would be better, then mistaken.In a dispute about which is better: the attic or second floor, proponents of the first option to forget that you have to completely redo the roof and again strengthen the foundation, which in no way cheaper.But let us return to our walls and ceilings.

a result of the replacement load-bearing structure will be reduced almost by half.As can be appreciated, it is desirable to change the roof in both cases.Roofing materials in this case, better to choose decking or shingles.Ceramic tile is not exactly suitable, since it is unnecessary weight and more durable structures.This should be considered when preparing the draft of the second floor.Attic in this regard is still "picky", since they have to choose shingles.The fact that sleep under a roof of corrugated board in the rain - that still pleasure.

Warming of this type of property should also consider as carefully as possible.Particular attention to the roof, because in the attic and ceiling can take a huge amount of heat.Heating better organize coal or gas, as other fuels are in your case is simply unprofitable.Of course, that would have to lay out money on the complete replacement of the entire heating system.

For insulating walls are ideal for sandwich panels, as with all its excellent heat insulation qualities, they differ little weight.Moreover, they can not paint or finish, since the appearance of the material is already good.Heat preservation is largely due to the quality of the windows, so that to save on insulating glass units are not needed.This is especially important in our climate.

So, attic or second floor?Photos in this paper make it clear that both options are good.For example, not everyone likes to live in the attic with sloping ceilings.Others believe that the only two-storey house will show their social status.In short, the answer to the question: attic or second floor, depends only on your preferences as subjective reasons different people prefer different options.