Shaped timber: reviews and the construction of houses made of it

Today we will discuss how to build houses from profiled bars, and why this material has become one of the leaders of the individual building.It should be noted that the profiled beam, reviews of which speak for themselves, most often offered by construction companies as a material for building houses.And the construction of it and loved by those who use only environmentally friendly products, and just practical people who want as quickly as possible to get excellent house with excellent performance.

So it is not surprising that in recent years the construction of timber involved thousands of companies around the world.By the way, even when buying a finished house, you spend a little money, to say nothing of when a person can build it yourself.Using shaped beam (which reviews only positive) for the construction of the house, please be carefully, patiently and carefully follow the technology.

The first thing you have to think about the purchase of a sufficient amount of quality material.However, not

all as bad as the board, in the end, will more than buying whole logs.This applies particularly to our producers, since they use an order of magnitude higher quality raw materials, and work on the same hardware as the foreign colleagues.It is our profiled beam collects only admiring reviews.It is important to purchase a quality caulking material: the joints between beams are poorly protected from the weather, so save it strictly contraindicated.

Generally, if you are mostly interested in the form of wood, and you are not going to build anything sheathing, select only the material that should be treated as the lineup against rotting and burning.A very important quality of the dried wood to fly, since in case of excessive humidity, it may be subjected to helical deformation.However, this is probably the most expensive varieties.Normal house from profiled timber deformation is practically not subjected to.And the moisture from the air onto them practically no effect.Equally, as the UV radiation of sunlight.

What are the stages of the construction of such houses should be allocated in particular?

first proceed to the construction of the foundation.For these cottages quite suitable foundation on screw piles.If the soil is not too stable it would be better to use a pillow made of concrete slabs.It is the place to be and a standard strip foundation.Before pouring the foundation should carefully check the geometry of the trenches.After the final drying and shrinkage of the foundation is laid on its top layer of waterproofing.Immediately it keeps the first profiled bar.Reviews say that special attention should be paid to waterproofing is as from it will largely depend on the longevity of construction.

timber used for longitudinal cross connection.As it turns out, not only durable, but also beautiful.Collect wall best using dowel (pin), as in this case, the connection becomes as strong.Note that for every row of timber to be installed in a layer as possible qualitative and resistant to rotting insulation.

After the walls begins laying floors.Those cuts, which were made for stacking timber, also laid a layer of waterproofing.The most difficult part is the system of rafters.Please note that the rafters, as if they were a well-drained, in any case, will shrink (up 2%).As mentioned above, the roof covering should not be laid directly on the crate, as it should be pre-lay a vapor barrier.This is especially important in the case, when you build a bath of profiled bar.