GCR - is the best way to avoid time-consuming and costly work

Everyone who at least once in his life faced with the necessity of repairs in the apartment or private house, probably unaware of the existence of such a wonderful and beloved by all builders of material such as drywall.GCR - is an abbreviation, it stands as "gypsum plasterboard".This truly unique building material has many positive properties.Nowadays GCR - is one of the most popular building materials.

known that gypsum is one of the oldest building materials.Sculptors and builders of antiquity perfectly able to use such a special property of gypsum as its ability to take any form and harden when combined with water.In the past, the plaster was known as "alabaster" and is widely used for the production of moldings for the decoration of walls and ceilings, as well as interior decoration.

Despite its lightness, it is durable and fire-resistant, in its composition does not contain toxic substances, and gypsum acidity corresponds to the acidity of the human skin, making it completely safe for the env


GCR partitions in a modern building

for interior decoration (facing uneven walls, a device suspended ceilings, partition walls and other similar structures) is used widely versatile, practical and safe, and most importantly, inexpensive material.Standard GCR - list, which is often used in studies conducted in premises where the humidity of the air and the average temperature does not exceed the established norms for premises.It consists of two sheets of cardboard, in the middle is a layer of gypsum with special reinforcing additives.But do not think that the FCL - a material that can not be used in outdoor applications.

Varieties of gypsum boards

Modern industry produces several kinds of gypsum boards, which differ in terms of operation.Also sheets in domestic furnishing, specially made drywall for damp rooms, for outdoor use, as well as sheets, having improved flame resistance.

GCR - it is also the distinction sheets for structural conditions.For example, there are lists that are designed specifically for the device and trim ceilings, floors, partitions and walls.Manufacturers offer a sound-absorbing plaster coating in the form of perforated (poristryh) sheets.On sale you can also find ready-made sheets with decorative trim, which are intended to be installed in special rooms.

to quickly and cost-effectively hide from prying eyes unattractive, uneven walls, it is enough to sheathe the entire surface of the walls of gypsum boards.The most convenient technique is considered to be the installation of the GCR for special metal profiles.

Naturally, in the absence of any construction skills this job best left to specialists who in a short time, quickly and inexpensively help align all irregularities premises and create an excellent basis for the further flight of imagination of the customer.