Ivy: Care at home (especially)

If you want to put in your home is a plant like ivy, care in the home to be careful.First of all, it should be noted that the presented flower is very beautiful, but poisonous, so keep him in the house where there are small children, it is undesirable.And keep in mind that this plant is of several types, and their conditions are completely different.

If indoors or outdoors planted ivy, care in the home for the presentation of the plant is simple enough.First you need to correctly place the plant.In principle, it can easily withstand the shadow, but the evening or morning sun contributes to its better development.Despite the fact that the leaves of green ivy, and they are bright and dark, and in the spring they become crimson.

If you do decide to include ivy, care in the home and provides transplanting and multiplication, and timely cutting of dead elements, and watering.In the course of cultivation there are certain nuances.So, in the winter the plant, which is located on the street, you must safeg

uard from frost.To do this, the stems should be a good shelter.However, do not overdo it, as too much heat is harmful to plants.In the room were planted ivy so that it was more time in the shade.Too hot in the room should not be.The lowest temperature in the room was 15 degrees, and the maximum - 25.

If the room is the ivy, care in the home also provides additional protection against direct its ultraviolet rays.In the winter, the room with the plant, try to arrange additional lighting.So it would be good to develop.Take installation of an additional lamp, if you notice that the color of the leaves began to change.

Pay attention to watering plants.In winter, it must be done less frequently.But in summer abundant watering is required.Furthermore, additional time should be in the hot spray the leaves with water, so they do not withered and malnourished.Ivy, care in the home for which has to be very careful, needs periodic fertilizing fertilizers.It is produced on a quarterly basis.This fertilizer should be replaced periodically: the mineral, the organic.

Ivy home trimmed depending on how much stripped stems.Try to leave at the same side shoots.Transplanting plants produce one or three times a year.It depends on how much younger is the root.In order for the plant formed a beautiful crown, it needs to build support for which it will be good enough to cling to.

Try to protect Ivy from insect damage (scale insects, spider mites).Also, do not overdo it with watering as this because of the leaves may turn yellow and quickly fall in.You can sit ivy.Propagation by cuttings is done, and apical.Sometimes you do stem cuttings in the ground, with the time it takes root.The process of reproduction is carried out in the late spring, the plant has had time to develop a good root system before winter arrives.