Kohler: care in the home and features a flower

Kohler, care in the home for which must take into account the fact that it is a tropical plant, is not widespread in our country.Indoor horticulture is not yet a comprehensive information about this beautiful flower.

Kohler pushistotsvetkovaya

This plant has leaves with a wide red border, dark green and velvety.The flowers are orange-red, large and hairy, below the petals are covered with yellow flecks.If you want to put any house plant of the family Gesneriaceae, you perfect Kohler.Care in the home of this dwarf shrubs will ensure its intensive flowering.In nature, these plants have a variety of colors.Also, they are very sensitive to direct sunlight, and like a shadow.To ensure Kohler comfort pritenit it transparent cloth or plastic film.It is better if it is on the south window sill, it is a prerequisite.You can also put a flower deeper into the room.But on the north window Kohler (care at home should be full) can not form the buds because of the lack of lighting.In the winter it is particularly

make sure that the plants enough sunlight.During this period, Kohler needs a low temperature - about sixteen degrees.In the summer and in the spring it should be raised to twenty-six degrees.

Kohler: care at home, watering, humidity control, fertilizing

spring and summer, the lack of moisture in the soil need to fill immediately after drying earthen coma.Autumn should reduce watering and winter generally minimized by avoiding course of solidification of soil.Watering produce defended water, focusing on technology - the moisture should not fall on the leaves.It is also not recommended for spraying.To maintain normal moisture of air from time to time expose Kohler on the tray with wet pebbles.The bottom of the pot must be above the upper edge of the water.Fed only from mid-spring through October complex fertilizer for flowering plants.In the flowering period can be from time to time to remove excessively long shoots, it will increase the intensity of root formation.When that time is running out, we need to continue watering.Just as the other having a rest period potted plants, Kohler need lower temperatures.When transplanting (handling) plant to add to the new substrate charcoal - it is well removes excess moisture from the soil.

Kohler propagated by seeds: take into account the particular

Sowing in bowls is best done in late winter.Seeds are placed onto a substrate of the two parts of sand and one part of the ground sheet.Above them is not necessary to fill the earth.Instead, the crops must be carefully pour through a strainer and cover glass.Every day, the glass lift for ventilation.After emergence prick.Maintain a temperature of from twenty to twenty-four degrees.