Original articles for the garden with his own hands

Each of us wants to live comfortably and beautifully.That is why we try to make every effort to create an original interior of the house or apartment.And much nicer to decorate your home is not purchased products, and those that we can create for yourself.Crafts for the garden can be made from the most common, often junk materials.But the concept and the overall style depends on your desires and possibilities.

In case goes everything from old tires to wooden pallets, from computer disks to the broken crockery.Large-crafts for the garden - it can be tables and sun loungers, comfortable armchairs of stumps and bizarre mini-fountains.From the wooden pallets can be set for a holiday.Alpine garden with miniature bridges and fountains can be created using large stones.Interesting crafts for the garden and craftsmen made of glass bottles.They can serve as a "lamp shades" for lamps or candles.And from the old drive can be made "Catcher sunbeams."Plastic bottles are often used as the basis for puffs and light

sideniy.Vse must have seen such and crafts for the garden, which are made from old tires.It could be miniature sculptures and flower beds, and even a sandbox.But as the original flower stands, you can even use an old bike.Yes, and any other, such as agricultural equipment, especially a hundred years ago.

lovers joinery can make crafts for garden ornaments made of natural wood or plywood.For example, the original tiny well.Not necessarily that it was under the well.This garden decor creates a unique atmosphere of comfort.Even the most ordinary rocks or stumps can serve as a source of inspiration.Here it all depends on the taste of the owner.Some people prefer natural materials.Others, by contrast, prefer to made by craftsmen such crafts for the garden, such as a sculpture in plaster or clay, original compositions of flower pots of different sizes.

special role in your oasis of nature plays lighting.You can certainly use the increasingly popular solar lamps.But it is much more original and mysterious lights will look, made their own hands.For them, we can take as a conventional electrical and LED lamps.But candlesticks of glass bottles or cans - it is the most simple crafts for the garden, which can be done in just a few minutes.It is enough to attach the wire, for which you can transfer the "living flame".If there is a desire and capabilities, you can decorate glass using various techniques.Especially cozy and original look interesting crafts for the garden in the decoupage technique.You can use it not only to decorate wooden objects and ceramics, and glass, and metal.However, decorating furniture, always worth remembering that you need to create a coating that is resistant to all weather conditions, including high humidity and temperature changes.