How is the weaving of lace bracelet

Bracelets have always been beautiful adornment, which is popular among men and women.Bracelets come in many shapes and sizes.They can be massive, decorated with precious stones, or the most simple in appearance, made with his own hands from the unpretentious materials.

Today, simplicity and accessibility are back in fashion, so the weaving of lace bracelet is very relevant occupation for fashionistas.Ordinary shoelaces can easily turn into a nice piece of jewelry that will complement your image.Needless to weave a fairly simple and will not take much time and effort.

There are various ways of weaving bracelets of laces.For example, you can take black lace medium thickness and four silver lace thinner.Length of black must be suitable for your wrist, clasping his comfortable.Leaves room for fasteners, for which then will be attached to both sides of the product.Put a black lace in the middle, and four silver - two on each side respectively.We begin to weave braid, using only a rope silver, black cris

s-crossing them around.So, two silver lace factory under the black, weave them crosswise and tighten.Same do with the other two.As we can see, the weaving of lace bracelet - a very simple lesson that the power of even a child.

Thus weave bracelet through.As a result, you have the two ends of black lace must remain free silver thread.Then take a small piece of black leather, cut a square out of it so that it fit the button.Then put it on one edge and is pressed with a finger.We make two holes in the square and is passed to each of them two silver lace, tying them to the black cord.Cut the remaining parts.Then sew a button on the front side.At the other end of our silver bracelet bandages ends of shoelaces and make buttonholes.Loop do not very big, otherwise your bracelet may be unbuttoned.

So our decoration ready.Bracelet type of laces takes about fifteen minutes, does not require special materials and very simple to perform.Such a thing can perfectly complement your image.Alternatively, you can make several bracelets on one arm.In this case, the colors of the bracelets are selected based on the color palette of your image.Very unusually look such bracelets in combination with a large number of rings on the fingers.The main thing in this case - to observe moderation and do not overdo it.Bracelet type of laces - it is also the opportunity to do interesting work, and the resulting product can be a great, original gift.

for everyday wear as the ideal solution would be weaving bracelets of laces.Schemes such products can come up with on their own or be of several existing ones.Today, these bracelets are replacing Baubles, but look more original and attractive.Bracelet type of braids can be a good way to show their creative nature, imagination and originality.