How to make a butterfly from a plastic bottle: instructions

on the shelves of modern souvenir shop sells a variety of little things, but a lot more fun can be obtained to produce something with their own hands.An interesting exercise, and most importantly, a great result can be production of a butterfly from a plastic bottle.Butterfly drawn the children from an early age, so the child will be delighted, if you ask them to make the crafts together.Ready butterfly friends will be present as a souvenir, stick it with double-sided tape on the fridge, attach the pin on the shade or put on a pot.Of course, first you have to learn how to make a butterfly from a plastic bottle, to prepare the necessary materials and to find some free time.

to manufacture butterfly you will need: a plastic bottle, a black marker, stained paint, wire, colored beads of various sizes, crystals, printed or homemade sketch of a butterfly and scissors.In addition, you still need the knowledge of how to make a butterfly from a plastic bottle.For the crafts mentioned capacity is better to choo

se transparent and not too thick.Why transparency?The fact that many colored plastic paint will lose its color and look dull.As for the thickness, it is easier and more convenient to operate with thinner material, especially a child.However, if you're going to make tiny butterflies, you better take a hard plastic, because it holds its shape better, which is important for small products.

So you've figured out how to make a butterfly from a plastic bottle, prepared all the necessary materials and ready to start.Apply the image of a butterfly on a plastic bottle of the easiest as follows: cut the lower and upper constricted portion of the bottle, insert received inside the cylinder drawing butterflies, secure it with staples and cut around the outside of the bottle with a black marker.There is no need to trace the small details, as they will be emphasized in the coloring.However, the image can be applied to already cut pieces of plastic.

Then there are two ways of how to make a butterfly from a plastic bottle: the product can be cut first and then paint, but you can on the contrary - as you prefer.The only thing I would like to draw attention, so it's cut antennae.This should be done very carefully.And when applied to plastic butterflies make sure that the outline of her calf was clear and even, otherwise it will be very difficult to turn down the wings to make hand-made article shape.Or a butterfly get unbalanced.

Whether the first or second method for manufacturing a butterfly you choose, the paint should be applied very carefully, from the wrong side of the butterfly should be painted black marker.Once the product is cut, painted and will take the necessary form, you can start decorating it with the help of beads and rhinestones.Pastes should be glued with a toothpick and transparent varnish on the wings, and the beads should be used to decorate the body.For example, string them on the wire, which can then be attached to the calf butterfly, stretched strings in holes made with an awl the top and bottom of the trunk.

should be noted that a butterfly - it's not the only product of this material.Do not be difficult to find other articles made of plastic bottles.Master class on such topics now spends a lot of creative people.